My Dressing Table Today... What's On Yours??

There is something so intriguing to me about a woman's dressing table. It's distinctive and so very personal for every woman. Perhaps it's the hand-selected mementos, photographs, the trinkets, the hint of a memory that intrigue. Maybe it's her makeup~the eye shadows, the lipsticks and fragrances that speak to personal style. It's been quite some time since I've done a post on my dressing table and I do have some new lovelies to share.

A few of my most favorites can be found here at my stylemindchic Boutique.

My French gold standard essential for glowing skin - Nuxe Dry Oil

Narciso Rodriquez Essence (my everyday scent)

Dior Voluptuous Lipstick

Shimmer Leather Clutch-Lilet Jean Designs

Gold Earrings with Silver Bead-Laurane Elisabeth Designs

In looking to do some rearranging of my own dressing table today I looked around for some photographic inspiration.

I've always loved this image.

Blooms, color, gold jewelry, sparkling crystal and a little's perfection.

This table has an entirely different vibe and I adore the tumble of flowers, jewelry, pops of color. It's eclectic,

slightly vintage (maybe circa 70's) and check out that pull-out tray of silk scarves. Swoon!

(This excerpt below was from my first dressing table post over a year ago~ it has a mixed metals vibe)

Dior Palette

D & G Fragrance Collection (love!)

Kenneth Cole Fragrance  (can go uni-sex)

'This is my first version of 'my dressing table today' inspired by my love of mixed metals.  I can't get enough of the interplay between silver, graphite and gold these days, whether it be in decor or fashion.  A few of my favorite things help create this mood. My vintage dressing table, purchased here in Chico from our favorite Eighth and Main Antiques (we had a boutique "Belle Vie Chic" here several years back).  The vintage embellished vase is a gift from my mother, Jeri, from her collection.  The chevron clutch was a gift from my husband and the bowl, a gift from Lily (of Lilet Jean!) has an ikat feel (she always finds the perfect gifts!). The jewelry~ gifts from my husband (the sparkling bracelet from J. Crew and the gold hoops from my sista, Dorie-love! The gold beads are vintage and were Margies (my mother-in-law). I rounded it out with Kenneth Cole and D. & G. Perfume and my Dior makeup palette purchased in Paris-Ohhhhh la la.

Finally, my favorite photo of us, on our 10th Anniversary, in San Francisco (He's actually my favorite thing!).'

My dressing table on Instagram.

I picked these fragrant, creamy gardenias from our garden this weekend. Float them in a  dish with a splash of water and they fragrance a room beautifully for at least a week.

That reminds me, I should take a few to my office today for a little fragrant luxury to calm the end of the school year madness.

A simple touch like this can always make life a little sweeter.

A previous 'My Dressing Table' post


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It makes me wonder ~what's on your dressing table today?



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