My Only Resolution #it's enough



My Only Resolution

I have a confession to make........

New Year's Day has already passed and I haven't sent out my holiday cards yet.

I convinced my husband to make them New Year's cards rather than Christmas cards but now we are late on that too. I can only hope they say 'Happy New Year' and not 'Happy 2014'. If so, I'm way ahead of the game for next year. I'm still shopping and wrapping for our fourth Christmas this weekend....and having that nagging feeling that I'm still not quite done.

Is it enough?


We've hosted 3 parties, 2 holidays and took a 10 hour road trip to Southern California during the last 2 weeks. I'm still eating comfort food rather than starting the new year with a clean eating plan. We've been busy trying to do it all.....and I don't always feel that it's enough.

 I've decided on my only resolution for this year.....

#it's enough

(and it feels good).

Does it really matter if my cards are late...or even go out at all? Who cares if my Christmas tree is still up on the second week of January? If I race out with an unmade bed or need a little dry shampoo to make the hair work.....

#it's enough.

If I only have the energy to post on Stylemindchic once a week, and can't get around to all my favorite blogs each day, I hope my friends will still know I care......

#it's enough

I ended up in the ER during the holidays because I tried to do too much. My system apparently over reacted to adrenaline and even the good stress in my life. Stress...the toll it takes on our minds and bodies is not worth it in the big picture. This year I will build in more time for self-care, exercise, meal planning, relaxation and fun.

It will be enough.

So here's our card..........Happy New Year!

Looks like it won't work to send it out next season but if I post it on the blog,

with new year wishes for family and friends,

just maybe.......

#it's enough.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014 my friends.

Looking forward to more fun and connection with you in the New Year.


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