Signature Style: My Secret Weapon for Sexy, Feminine Style

  Secret Weapon for Sexy, Feminine Style and an ivory lacey top


My secret weapon for sexy, feminine style?


To start with, I firmly believe it's all about our mindset. Don't you?  We don't need to dress overtly sexy to feel the vibe. Maybe it's wearing silky lingerie under our work clothes, or listening to our favorite flirty jam on Pandora, or making time for that yoga class that gets us in the frame of mind.  Maybe it's indulging in a few drops of our favorite scented oil on the weekend (mine here).  I'll add one more secret weapon to the elements that make me feel feminine and sexy....


Stylemindchic Life Scott and Heather Orr Lindstrom Wedding Day 2000 and dancing in a lace dress




I remember realizing the power of lace when selecting my wedding gown back in 2000. There was something sexy, yet feminine, about the satin backed lace of the sheath gown. I wanted a simple, unfussy shape, but the lace made it feel both feminine, and sexy.


And as I recall, my husband approved of my choice. 


Dolce & Gabbana image in Vogue with Black Lace Dress


I love to browse my stack of magazines, with coffee in bed, on Sunday mornings. This Dolce and Gabbana lace number in Vogue caught my eye. I'm seeing lace everywhere this season and I'm loving it. Pretty lace dresses (love them with a bell sleeve-so 70's), lace skirts and even demure lace shorts. I know that I've collected lace items in my wardrobe for the last several years.


Lace Lust on Stylemindchic Lifestyle Heather Orr Lindstrom Paris in blue lace dress


I wore this navy blue lace sheath all summer of 2011 and in Paris on my 50th birthday. Unfortunately a recent washing has left it too short, so I may be in the market for some new lace this season.


Secret Weapon for sexy, feminine style Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lace jacket Spain


I bought this creamy lace jacket home from San Sebastian, Spain, last summer. It's the perfect souvenir to remind me of the European chic style I spotted while visiting.


Secret Weapon for Sexy, Feminine Dressing and Coral Maxi by the sea in San Diego


I've worn this coral, lace maxi everywhere from Spain, to San Jose del Cabo to San Diego in the last year. Speaking of coral lace, I realized why this dress spoke to me from the rack at the store that day. Check out the coral lace blouse from my personal Barbie doll wardrobe of the 1970's.


Barbie Clothing and Barbie Style on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

How Barbie informed my style:

Style Secrets from Barbie

I guess I must confess to a lifelong love of lace.  Especially with some stretch woven in, lace is an easy and flattering way to dress. It lends itself beautifully to neutral shades, or vibrant colors, or the ultimate in sexy and feminine, black lace.

Lace Lust by Stylemindchic Life Blog


1-Black Lace Sheath (similar) 2-Lace Pumps 3-Nina Lajada Lace Clutch


That's the beauty of lace, it adds that feminine, flirty quality--demure, but not really--to any outfit.

Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this post I discovered that my blogger friend, Kim from Northern California Style, has a fun post on white dresses including some pretty lace options. My blog friend, Jennifer from a Well Styled Life has a fun series on style, including this post on Feminine Style.