Girlfriends for a Lifetime and My Small World Story

Girlfriends of a lifetime gather for an afternoon of fun

The Small World story that made me laugh  and cry all at the same time…..

One of my dearest friends, Kathryn, rang me up and said, “Sit down!  I have the best story to tell you!”. Her daughter, Isabel had just started 9th grade at a private school, about an hour’s drive from their home. On the first day she met a new friend, Tess. They connected, and felt they were soul sisters, almost from the first moment.  Later at the first family day two moms ran into each other in line. They had the "I think I know you", "Where do I know you from?" conversation. They ran down the list of possibilities (since they lived an  hour apart) and finally narrowed it down……

to me  (also known as "auntie Heather")

One mom, Jill, was a dear childhood friend of mine, and the other, Kathryn, I had met in graduate school, both soul sisters of mine from different phases in life. They had met a couple of times at social events of mine many years ago. Suddenly, their daughters had become best of friends having no idea their parents had met before (or that I was "Auntie Heather" to both). I laughed, and I cried, when I heard this since I had watched each girl grow up separately.......

I was beyond thrilled!

These two darling girls-each extraordinarily kind, bright, talented, and lovely- had met just once before as infants.....but they had NO IDEA.

The year was 1998. I hosted a dinner party, at my home in the San Francisco bay area, for two couples who had just had babies.  I thought it would be fun for them to get to know each other better even though they lived an hour apart. Plus, I wanted to get these two doll babies together for a photo.

I had shared the photo back in the day but neither Jill, Kathryn or myself had been able to find it...... and the girls were dying to see it.

And here it is!!!!

(this is the first time the girls will be seeing this)

Isabel and Tess-as baby dolls (now they are the basketball star and the ballerina)

We had a reunion of sorts last summer with the girls and their families.

There was so much conversation and laughter with 2 generations of girlfriends it was hard to get a photo of all of us not cracking up or mid sentence.   #girlfriendheaven

Jill and David hosted us in their lovely home with fabulous fare (thank you!). We felt like we were spending an afternoon in an Italian villa.

We enjoyed this peek at the latest 'Take a book, leave a book' box designed by David, inspired by Mondrian.

This is the box outside their home. Filled with books for neighbors to give and take. Isn't this a fabulous idea?

This story makes me so happy and I jokingly take credit for some of  the family history here. I encouraged Tess's mom, Jill, to go on that first date with her dad, David, in college (and watched them drive off into the sunset). I later stood as a bridesmaid at their beautiful wedding. Seeing them with their 3 amazing children is more than inspiring.

I encouraged Kathryn to stay in the grad school program with me and she has persevered to surpass that to become a full-blown School Administrator. I encouraged Dean and Kathryn to buy that beautiful ‘family sized’ house, before they had 2 darling daughters in tow (and just before the market crashed).  It suits them perfectly. I invited Kathryn to a girlfriend's night out dinner where family, babies and life we discussed at length, just a mere 9 months before Isabel was born. Okay-so "Auntie Heather" can only take a little credit for part of the family history.

I'm just so proud of my friends and the families they have created.

It is such a small world….you just never know what can happen around the next corner. Do you have a 'small world' story? I would love to hear about it.

Wishing you a gorgeous fall weekend. xx,

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