Notes from the Great Escape....{Mexico Style!}

*It's always worth getting up in the middle of the night for a great escape

*The first glimpse of the sea from your hotel..........

.........may just take your breath away

*Sandals Rule (and I'm a convert)!

And on the fashion front:

LAUREN Ralph Lauren - Linen Patmos Fedora (Natural/Crystal Turquoise) - Hats

*A fedora is a must!

*It's fun to adventure with your favorite 'partner in crime'

*Or..........simply take some quiet time of solitude just for yourself

*Ordering fruit from room service helps to alleviate the dreaded 'food coma' so common

at the All-Inclusive resort scene.....

I'll have a little of this...a little of that....

and so on.....and so on.........

*Getting your float on is better than therapy

*You will meet some fabulous 'escapees' from all over the world (you know who you are;) and enjoy the lively conversations poolside.

* A little spa time, with a massage, gets you in the great escape groove

....even faster.

*There is no better lullaby than falling asleep to the sound of waves

Whether you are just returning from, or planning your next great escape,

 looking forward is half the fun~so start making some plans.

Where are you making your next great escape??

Thanks for stopping by-you always make my day!

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Note: If you are reading this fresh I must tell you that my first published post was erased-along with all my lovely comments.

I was happy to find a version of this post in my inbox and cut and paste it in again. Thanks for the comments. I will remember those! xx