The Fine Art of Pursuit

(Instagram - wedding shopping with my mom in June)

Obsessions...and the fine art of pursuit. In your quest to make the right choice do you ever ending up doing exhaustive research? Whether it's the perfect shade of emerald paint,  a camel scarf, a flavor of olive oil, or the best resort for your next can border on near obsession for me. For me it stems from the desire to be purposeful and thoughtful in my purchases. I want to buy quality and only things I love. With all the resources available online these days the options are endless. My most recent obsession has to do with shoes. I was looking for the perfect pair to wear to my mom's wedding this coming Saturday night.

We love a wedding in our family and this one will be very special  here!



I was thinking something sparkly and silvery would be perfect to replace a pair that I have had for years and recently hurled on the donation pile. So what if I bought them in Spain?  They made me wince in pain the last time I wore them-enough! Be reasonable!  Speaking of pain, my wonderful friend Sally recently sent me an interesting link about high heels and our feet. Somehow she associates me with heels ;).

Read at your own risk here.

Back to shoes, I have a couple of favorite websites that definitely promote my obsession.

Zappos is perfect for overnight delivery and free returns. Since I live in a smaller university town our shopping options are limited. Online shopping has changed my world. At the airport last summer I picked up this book about the founding of Zappos, delivering happiness and their zeal for customer service. I found it fascinating-especially now that I have my own online boutique. Customer service is the name of the game and we could all focus a little more on happiness.



My other favorite website, for finding all things related to any shoe, fashion or home item is Shop Style.

Type in black halter dress and an array of dresses (I believe it shows every single dress ever made) will be displayed from around the world.


My quest for the perfect silver shoe 

Oh yes, exhaustive, shiny research.

I finally settled on the

Nordstrom Glint 'Devyn' sparkly, strappy sandal for mom's wedding.

They are beauties!! With chic little zippers up the back and oh, so sparkly. I slipped them on and walked around a bit in them, admiring their shine. Then I walked a bit more. Remembering how much walking a wedding day can entail (and occasionally running)...back they went.

And my slight obsession continued (more on my next post).

What are you looking searching for?? Fashion, shoes,'s all here. ;)

ShopStyle Search:


Speaking of shoes, I'm having so much fun pairing up with Adrienne here and Jill here on

'How I Wore My Neon' trend this week.

These little slingbacks are a neon yellow. I know that because they perfectly matched the

 'safety paint' and 'safety hats' at the winery we were touring in wine country here.

I'm now referring to them as my 'safety shoes'.

 I received so many compliments on these yellow numbers, from Sam Edelman, that I wanted to share my resource. I did an exhaustive search and the slingbacks are sold out.

I did find this nude pump, also from Sam Edelman, at Zappos, perfect for fall.

My slingbacks are very comfortable and these pumps also received great reviews.

I'm considering them......they are also on sale. #loveasale!


Sam Edelman - Opal (Classic Nude) - Footwear

Do you ever find yourself in 'my shoes' getting a little obsessive over making the right choice?

Are you grateful for free shipping and free returns like me?

How do you cope?


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