One Simple Tool Can Change Your Life!

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One Simple Tool Can Change Your Life

Ahhhhhhh, take a deep breath........

That's it......

Place your feet flat on the floor

Breathe through your nose~inhale deeply

all the way into your belly (shallow breathing not allowed)

Focus on the serene photo above (or the ones below) and continue to breathe....


Do you feel yourself starting to calm?

Take Me Away Stylemindchic Life Ladera St. Lucia view of pool and sea


Try this exercise for 60 seconds (yep-that's nothing)

Are your feet still flat on the floor?

Breathing through you nose?

Focusing on your serene scene?

Maybe you prefer a beach at sunset for a relaxing moment?

Take Me Away Maroma Beach Riviera Maya Mexico Stylemindchic Life



Take Me Away Stylemindchic Life Sunset Dancing in the pool


Do you feel your brain recharging?

Do you feel the calm?

If not, try it for another 60 seconds.

I mean it-I  want  need to know how you feel.

There is new research/data that proves this recharging time can change our brains and our emotional response.

Anxiety? Stress? Hyper-vigilance (okay-I'm a psychologist!)? Depression?

Do you feel you are on guard for anything and everything and you cannot relax (mama bear)?

Try this.....bring the shoulders down from around your ears, put down the Xanax or extra glass of sauvignon blanc (I know, I enjoy it too!).

60 seconds just for you......Ahhhhhhh.

Is your child struggling with school anxiety? Hyper-vigilant? ODD-ADHD? Depressed? Teach them this one simple thing. Let's give our children (and ourselves) the tools to self soothe and heal our brains. I attended an outstanding workshop last Friday with Dr. Reggie Melrose who discussed the epidemic, the research and this seemingly simple solution; an antidote for the killer stress that is changing our brains and the brains of our children. Finally, we have a tool that we can access in just 60 seconds and there is research to back it up. To learn more about the brain, the emotional center of the brain (amygdala) and the research the link to her website is here.

I took a team from my  ED program, clinicians and teachers who work with students with severe emotional disabilities, to the workshop. I'll admit it, sometimes we wonder what more we can do to support students who are so deeply impacted by unspeakable traumas and unimaginable stressors. Dr. Melrose shared the research of hopefulness and the potential of our healing brains. I teared up several times during the presentation-we need this hope.

Think of one of your happiest, most calm, most peaceful memories.........

and focus on that.

Do you have a photo of that moment?

  For me it may have been summer of 2003 on my first trip to Italy with my husband. We had a legendary, killer heat wave going on inland Italy, but when we arrived in Cinque Terre-the sea breezes softly bathed us to pure perfection.


Or it may have been running on Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico,on my birthday last summer (there may have been a cartwheel involved-I'll have to ask my husband about that one).


Brain balanced and happy. Stress level ZERO!

When I'm under stress, and have that feeling that everything is spinning out of control, I'm planning to use this technique to recharge my brain and to re-balance myself. I think I'll put a favorite photo on my phone for just such moments. Remember, if we do something between 21 and 28 times it becomes the natural response. This is why working out gets so much easier week three.

Try it-I would love to hear if it works for you.

What is your happiest, most peaceful moment?

Where were you? Do you have a photo?

It would be fun to share these moments.

Perhaps there will be a 'share your bliss' post in our future. 


Here's to a calm, centered day.......


      Just breathe........





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