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Hola from the sunny beaches of Algarve in Southern Portugal! Scott and I are well into the second phase of our 18 day adventure and are spending 5 relaxing days at a beach club in Albufeira. We like to mix up our city time with some relaxation so this stay is perfect for chilling with beach time and touring the historic city centers in our rental car on a whim. The fish is incredibly fresh and the fruity sangria is plentiful at the beachside grills.



As a side note to our time in Lisbon, we were warmly welcomed and our hotel was the perfect choice (more on that later). We lapped up the friendliness, charm, architecture and colors of the city for 24 hours until our happy vibe came to a screeching halt on Tram 28, when Scott discovered his wallet was stolen. We later learned Tram 28 is notorious for theft. Losing $500 in euros, 2 credit cards and a driver's license was stressful in a new city, to say the least. Thankfully our passports were in the safe in our hotel room. I will write more about what we learned regarding safety in travel but, in the meantime, this is our cautionary tale. Keep your hand on your wallet at all times in public, even if it's in a fanny pack or waist belt, and watch out for slight of hand tricks and little old ladies demanding a seat. My best tip is to wear a cross body bag and clutch it like you would a baby, like I do, or wear the essentials under your clothing. Always be on alert in public places, the unthinkable happens all the time, no matter where you are traveling.

As we all know, travel is inherently an adventure. Hopefully we've already had our biggest one for this trip. Scott and I chose not to let the mishap diminish our fun for long and are happily at the beach, with new credit cards in place. On the schedule for today, some beach time, siesta under the palapas, swimming in the deep blue Mediterranean and selecting the freshest catch at a local grill for dinner watching the sunset. The Mediterranean lifestyle is something we could get used to.

This is just a post card from our trip and I look forward to posting more completely on our travels when we return home. Are you enjoying any summer adventures this year?

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