A Date with George Clooney and My First Colonoscopy



(Full disclosure-I was recovering from anesthesia when I wrote this post)

Just last week a contest was announced to 'Win a date with George Clooney'. It only takes $10 to enter to win and it's for a cause close to his heart here. It got me thinking, my husband likes George Clooney and I could take him as my +1. My blog is nearly two years old, and yes, I am the one who posted shameless eye candy photos of George Clooney at random just to keep it interesting in the early days. When I noticed that George Clooney's name was running neck and neck with my own husband Scott's name in my tag section I decided I better cool it. Until last spring when I ended up staying right next door to George Clooney's villa in Cabo here and later had a peek into his pad here.



It's award season and I'm hearing much about prepping to be red carpet ready. After the holiday indulgences, clean eating, and even a cleanse sounded like a good idea to kick things off for the new year. Besides, if I win that date with George Clooney I will be one step closer to being red carpet ready.

Image of George Clooney smiling


This happened to be perfect timing since I had my first.....gulp...colonoscopy scheduled for last Friday. You see, that is one of the things George and I have in common, we are both 52 years old (that's why I like him so much ;). Around this age it's recommended that we have that 'procedure' which involves drinking gallons of a strange liquid over the course of 14 hours and not eating a bite of food for 36 hours and then having a 'roto-rooter' examination of said colon. I drank my 'cocktail', over and over and over.

Yes, a cool glass does help--just a bit.


After my full day of fasting my husband, eating a bowl of ice cream after dinner, informed me I had to get up at 3 am to drink the rest to the liquid in 10 minute increments. Well....cr@p and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. I was either drinking or 'cleansing' all night. By morning I was exhausted, starving, desperately needing coffee and then we got to drive to the procedure. The 'ice cream eating man' drove me, after his coffee with cream (and I was seriously considering taking another +1 to the date with George Clooney).

The staff, in prepping me for my first colonoscopy, were friendly and fun. There were all the usual jokes about a #roto-rooter #you'll shoot your arse out and #it's your first-we'll be gentle. They seemed to like my "shouldn't someone be buying me a drink first?" (being awake all night will warp your sense of humor in no time).

All was well, the IV was inserted and I was waiting patiently with the fun loving nurses when my doctor walked in.  My husband and I both looked at each other.
Bummer-he looked just like George Clooney #nokidding. I was hoping for someone much older #not hot to examine my colon and all that goes with it.

George Clooney in scrubs


Let's just say I'm glad the anesthesia worked and I have no memory of what happened next.

All joking aside, I feel that getting this check up was an important milestone for my health and wellness. I had a good report after the procedure and this feels good. One less thing to worry about. For more about what prepping is like and why this procedure can be so important see this clip from Katie Couric.

How about you? Are you red carpet ready?

Have you ever done a cleanse?

How about a colonoscopy?

Wishing you a fabulous Monday.

If I don't win that date with George Clooney I surely hope you do!


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