Pucker Up....it makes us look younger!

Pucker up....it makes us look younger!

I'm a bit of a lipstick junkie, I'll admit it.  I sort my bag out frequently so as not to be weighed down by carrying around 7 or 8 lipsticks/glosses at a time. I know, it's ridiculous how they all migrate to the same place in my bag. Does that ever happen to you?

It's not so much the color I need but rather the dry lip thing I can't stand. It's almost as irritating as fingernails on a chalkboard. Have you ever found yourself needing to reapply some lip stuff when you know it's not appropriate? Like in the middle of a fancy dinner or during an important meeting or sneaking in a little touch up during the prayer at a wedding?

 If so, you are a lipstick junkie too and welcome to the club.

There is science behind our little obsession. Economists and Psychologists report that sales of our little obsessions goes up during economic downturns. Apparently when we are feeling broke we believe that a new lipstick will boost our spirits and our beauty not break the bank. 

It's a nice little kick (it really is)!

The good news-I just heard the report that wearing bold lip color makes us look younger.

This got me to thinking......Hmmmm-can I bump up the color factor in my own collection?

Bold in matte....I don't wear flat matte-do you?

I feel it defines my pucker too boldly

(excuse my language but pucker is a funny word)

Classic Bolds

This is a pure orangey-redclassique.
 (I don't do this either)

My realization-I'm definitelynot bold when it comes to lip color. Are you?


This is definitely more my style for most times... more of a nude lip with bolder eyes.

For summer, with some color to my skin, I love a little bronze with a touch of shimmer.

Yes, blondes can do bold lips

(I just have to be brave enough to embrace this idea).

How about you?

Here is a just a small sampling of my current collection:

 Chanel, Laura Mercier and YSL are some favorites but I mix it up with Loreal, 

Sonia Kashuk (Target) and Milani (pharmacy brand).

My current favorite-for light, hydrating color is Chanel

(a souvenir from the airport in Paris)

Rouge Coco Shine #57

The Milani, my newest discovery, in Strike a Gold,  is a richly pigmented but perfectly balanced nude shade with a touch of gold-NOT sparkle but a kind of glow. This shade below is the perfect bronze for a beachy vacation and golden glow of summer skin (and  it's a steal here at $4.00-talk about a cheap beauty fix!)

Simply Luxe!


My bolder choice this summer will be along the lines of a peachy-coral and I always need a touch of gold

to balance out my skin tone. This Loreal in Sunset Angora is a new favorite for spring. It's hydrating but sheer enough to wear all day.

Give me a pop of color and here is the science behind it:

Bold Lipstick Makes You Look Younger. Yup, Science Now Proves It...: Girls in the Beauty Department: glamour.com:

For the weekend, how about a little shop therapy and a cheap thrill to help us look younger?

If you try the bold pout let me know how it goes.

Pucker up Beautiful!


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