Welcome to the Weekend...Rose Gold Days of Summer

  Rosegold sunset at the Lindstrom house

A rose gold summer sunset from the deck

We made the most out of our summer relaxation time last weekend, absorbing every moment of the sun, floating, reading, napping on the deck, warm fresh tomatoes from farmers market, fresh cooking and enjoying this rose gold sunset.

Summer read and relax

Scott and I have been on vacation from our School Psychology careers for the last six weeks....and it's been just the break we craved. We had nearly 3 weeks of European travel and some wonderful time at home.

Napping on the deckThat all ends this week since he started back to work yesterday and my first day back will be Thursday. No wonder we wanted to make the most out of last weekend-it will be an adjustment for sure!

fresh veggies from farmers summer market

Remembering the fresh fare we enjoyed, all over Portugal and Spain in July, we brought in baskets of tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, corn, peppers and cucumbers from the farmer's market. From salsa to sangria there was lots of chopping going on in our kitchen.

Rustic Gazpacheo

We had savored a burst of flavor in a rustic gazpacho (cold soup) in Sevilla and sought to recreate that moment at home. I found this recipe from Food and Wine. Loading all the ingredients into the blender makes it easy, fast and especially healthy, loaded with all those nutrients. I buy a chili pepper paste, in the refrigerator section of our market, to add just the right 'heat' to a dish like this if I need a little extra fire.

Rustic Gazpacho

Blend to desired consistency and chill in the fridge. Scott chopped up some spicy, fresh salsa while this was chilling.

Rustic Gazpacho

Serve it with a squeeze of fresh lime, avocado, fresh cilantro, a dollop of sour cream and fresh salsa for a healthy summertime lunch. The freshness bursts in your mouth like a summer day in Sevilla, Spain, I promise.

Scott Lindstrom Chillin

As I posted on my Instagram last weekend, I love seeing my hard-working man this relaxed. We still have a couple of months of warmth, sun, swim and entertaining possibilities in our California future, but with returning to a full-time work schedule these times become much less frequent. In the meantime, as with any new 'school year', I'm cleaning out closets, refreshing my wardrobe for work attire (the caftans and halter maxis won't quite cut it ;) and finishing up more posts for my travel series on Portugal and Spain.


Stylemindchic Life-My home office

From my home office, on a rare rainy summer day here in Chico, It's feeling so cozy today that I lit a candle. This weather definitely makes me feel more productive and my comfy new desk chair (Alera Neratoli Mid-Back) is the perfect addition. I wore my last chair out-I know-the life of a blogger. Can you relate? ;)  I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Your friendship and connection means more than I can articulate.

The deer outside my window today

In my last couple days of real summer, I'm appreciating the moments of travel, adventure, relaxation and connection, that summer has given me.  I just looked up and these three were stopping by to say "hello" and have a snack poolside. I'm feeling grateful for my summer today.

Are you feeling it too?

Up next, I'll be returning with a new post in our 'Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain' series and the old world charm of Sevilla, so stop back by.

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Where are you in your summertime mode?

Are you in the midst of relaxing, vacationing, work mode or gearing up for a new season like me?

I'd love to hear about it.


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