Running in Heels and Finding Balance

photo-27-As I dashed through the office, following an emergency call from one of my Special Ed. classrooms, my secretaries laughed about my "running in heels". They are right, there are many days where I do run in heels. For those of us involved in the field of education we know that this season tends to be very hectic. My work yesterday included a county level administrative meeting, complete with attorneys and reviews of dire state budgets, and a support meeting for a student who's father is dying, followed by a meeting to determine whether a student with emotional disabilities should remain in our program, following his 30th suspension for bringing a knife to school. The trauma, the violence, the poverty, the abuse, it all infuses the community where I work.

I'll admit it......sometimes it gets me down. It's the heartbreak that is life for so many of these children and their families. As I drive around town in my shiny car, with my pretty shoes, and make the commute back to my peaceful home on the ridge, I just wish I could do more. Some days there are tears, some days there are prayers and some days, I'm just plain exhausted.


Today is my day off and I was all set to finish up and post on some style tips. I just don't have it in me. It just doesn't feel relevant to me today. Do we care that I wore a new, green Michael for Michael Kors blouse that I got on sale at TJMaxx for those life changing meetings yesterday? I think least not today. We all have those moments when we feel overwhelmed and out of balance. To counterbalance some of those feelings, I'm planning to take some time for self-care this morning and look forward to some good things I have coming up. I'll make a healthy breakfast, take time for yoga and organize some things that I have been putting on the back burner. I have a conference call to update the status of my new website which is exciting and a little daunting. We have plans for dinner with my family tonight and I'm looking forward to it.



Another thing I'm looking forward to is some time with girlfriends in the wine country. I've been invited to join my lovely blogger friends in the Napa Valley during my upcoming spring break and I'm so excited. I will be joining Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget, Kim of Northern California Style and Tamera of Tamera Beardsley. I have had the great pleasure of spending time with these lovely ladies and I can hardly wait to see them again. I'm sure we will have just as much fun as when we met in San Francisco for #Bloggers in the City last fall here. Jennifer of a Well Styled Life will also be joining us and, though I haven't met her yet, I feel like I already know her. The friendships that grow out of blogging are truly the biggest bonus for me. The Andaz Napa (a favorite of mineĀ Wine Country Getaway) is generously sponsoring our stay and Napa Valley Tours and Transportation is treating us to an afternoon of wine tasting and touring. I look forward to posting more on prepping for the trip and our adventures in wine country.

Do you have any tips for re-balancing after a tough week? Wishing you balance and fun this weekend.


Spring has sprung at my Stylemindchic Boutique!