Running on empty...

I suppose it was bound to happen.....all the planning, shopping, prepping, dashing, cooking, celebrating, late nights, hosting of Thanksgiving, PLUS a whirlwind family trip to San Francisco for the weekend to celebrate my husband's 'Big Birthday'. It was right back to work on Monday-morning and I'm still not unpacked.

This morning I hit the wall....feeling achy, slightly feverish, exhausted and generally yucky all around..... hot tea and a cozy blanket STAT!  I'll be fine-I just need some rest and to take the pace down to zero for a day or so.

Can you relate?

My crazy agenda has been reduced to nothing....except a lovely comfy bed, a stack of  magazines begging to be read, a mug of pomegranate green tea, some fresh mandarin oranges, a fragrant candle here and a furious rain storm outside my windows, reminding me exactly how good it feels to be indoors today. I would like to say that my gray cat Jack is keeping me company but I don't think he's even noticed I'm even home. Non the less-it's his regular routine I'm keeping today. Perhaps I'll even get in a cat nap to heal what ails me..... How about you? Do you have any tips to keep from overdoing it during the holiday season?

We would love to hear them. Cheers,

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