Secrets to Glowing Skin

It's no secret that our skin can tell on us as we rack up those birthdays. I'm talking rough, dry, flaky and damaged skin. Recently I've been asked what I do to keep my skin glowing and looking less than my 52 years of age. I was slightly surprised, and flattered, since I've had my fair share of troubled skin over the years, including a season of severe acne and a brutal dermabrasion (involving 16 injections and wire brushes removing the top layers of my face) in the days way before laser treatments. I also understand how troubled skin can dramatically impact our self-confidence. It took me years, after my skin had cleared, to feel good about my skin rather than afraid someone was looking at my skin flaws. I must confess I'm always uncomfortable posting close up photos of myself, but my blog is about real life and, for that reason, I do. This last year I've experimented with a number of different product lines, purchasing value and travel sets and not full size products, to see what works for me.  I have made a few discoveries along the way.

Heather Lindstrom and Scott Lindstrom New Years Eve 640

New Year's Eve 2013 with my husband Scott

 To get my skin glowing I always start with a clean, fresh face and the Clarisonic Mia  is my go to for getting my skin cleansed and exfoliated each morning in the shower. My skin has never felt smoother and it has the added bonus of  waking me up feeling invigorated for the day. I'm a big believer in facial serums and have used Arbonne for years for the benefits of the pure, botanically-based Swiss skincare line. Recently I've mixed it up with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum which I can use day or night.My favorite addition to my skin care routine this last year is facial oil. I know, we are seeing it everywhere, and oils are my best product tip for hydrating and achieving that 'glowing' skin. I find that my skin dries out significantly in the winter months and oils are perfect for restoring moisture and glow. My current favorites are Caudalie Divine Oil (discovered in Paris) made of grape, hibiscus and argan oils, and Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Light.  I also like Nude pro-genius oil. Even those with oily skin can use certain types of oils.

After applying serum to my face, I warm a small amount of oil between my fingertips and press along my check bones, above my brow bone, chin area and lightly smooth. The oil actually helps the serum work more effectively by driving the elements deeper into the skin. Applying oil is by far the most luxurious part of my daily routine and adds to that feeling of a little pampering and self-care. You can run a few drops through the ends of your hair for added sheen and texture. There are many brands of facial oil available from high-end like Le Mer to new ones by Loreal that are getting rave reviews.  Even natural food stores carry them. Just be sure your oil does not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, which have a dehydrating effect on skin.

I let the oil settle for a bit and then apply a moisturizer. In my recent experiments I've found Ole Henriksen 'Express the Truth' for day, Ole Henriksen The Art of Age Control and  Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm 1 oz. to be very hydrating in the evening. Always remember a sunscreen. This is crucial to avoid damage and sunspots. For foundation I like a touch of luminosity and am currently using Armani Luminous Silk. Finally, a touch of bronzer and I'm out the door. At night I use Neutrogena Cleansing Cloths to clean off traces of makeup. It works well on eye makeup, so I like the dual purpose function. Cleansing skin is important for keeping it healthy.

I can't emphasize enough how important drinking ample water (I like mine with lemon for a detoxing effect) is to enhance glowing skin as it filters impurities. A green juice, packed with vitamins and minerals, gives a real boost. Though I'm not able to make one every day with my rigorous work schedule, I make time for it on weekends. My favorite recipe is from The Raw Food Detox Diet from Natalia Rose. The green lemonade recipe here.

On a final note, a warm smile, a good night's sleep, a few moments of sun therapy for Vitamin D (with proper sunscreen), a little 'romance', a sparkle of fun, time with family & friends, a hearty laugh and regular movement-be it walking, yoga, pilates, cross-fit, dancing- these all get the blood flowing and enhance the glow of the skin.

With my brother Rod on New Year's Eve 2013-always fun!


With my 18-year-old niece Rylee last fall.

My advice to keep her skin gorgeous?

Always wear your sunscreen, keep smiling, don't constantly spray alcohol based

perfume on your neck (that's another post) and ........

you are more beautiful than you know. 

Do you have any great tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing?

Please dish!


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