Simply .......Ageless!


I've been mulling this post around in my mind for quite sometime now. I have questions, but not necessarily all the answers. What is it about certain people that conveys an ageless quality? Is it the way they carry themselves? Their warmth and charm? Their attitude? Maybe it's a level of confidence brought on by years of experience.  Maybe they just don't care about the trivial things as much and enjoy life more thoroughly.



I turned 50 last summer, I'll admit it. It surprises me when I remember my actual age because inside I still feel like I'm, maybe, 35.  I'm afraid Mother Nature, and my mirror, definitely disagree with how I feel inside. That said, there are a few positive things about 'ageing' hopefully it's gracefully. When people find out my age they tend to say 'you look great for 50'. At 49 I was just haggard and hanging onto the drudges of end stage 40's. I find I don't have to wash my hair everyday. That's a big time saver.  Also, I don't seem to care nearly as much about what other people may think of me. I'm definitely in more of a "dive right in" and don't look back kind of mood. I'm sure my new attitude had something to do with me taking the plunge and starting this blog and my online Stylemindchic Boutique in the last few months.

Something about turning 50 made me think, if not now, when?

Time is a ticking...................

Back to ageless qualities.  My husband and  I were recently dining on the patio at Limon Latin Grill in

Southern California, when these 5 beautiful women walked in.

They were chic, stylish and clearly enjoying themselves. They entered laughing and I always love that move. The 5 of the them definitely made an impression and I couldn't resist letting them know. Come to find out they are all sisters.  There are 5 sisters and 4 brothers in the McLaren family, originally from Illinois. Although they laughingly told me the girls were by far the "most interesting".

Ahhh, I believe that's another secret to agelessness, humor.

Be able to laugh at life and laugh at yourself.


My beautiful mom, Jeri, has been the perfect example of agelessness for me. Over the years she has shared her wisdom and her curious nature. "Never, ever stop learning and challenging yourself". Humor is a major element for keeping that ageless quality and Jeri is one of the funniest people I know. As you can see, she also has that special sparkle. For more on Jeri's approach to life check out  Jeri Inspiring and Style Guide.



 Iris Apfel, is the new 90 year old face of M.A.C. Cosmetics. Now this lady has a style all her own, she tells it like it is and she's sassy!




Can we talk about the men? Yes, I do think they have it much easier in the aging department. I actually think George Clooney is sexier now with some gray in his hair.....and that sense of humor. I also love that he and I turned 50 in the same year. 50 can be relevant....and oh, so.....attractive.


 Thank you, George!


On our recent trip to NYC I snapped this photo on my iPhone. I found this woman to be whimsical and charming. She dared to march to the beat of her own drum for sure. When in doubt wear the red lips!

And here's to more of marching to the beat of our own drum.............................

I'm curious, what is your best tip for staying ageless?



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