Simply Ageless.....Sipping at the Fountain of Youth

Simply AgelessIs it just  me or does time seem to fly by faster and faster each year? I'm thinking let's slow this train down a bit. #whirlwind It's inevitable that we age, and it's better than the alternative, butwhat is it about some people that allows them to stay.... ageless? One of the most popular posts in my early blogging days was entitled "Simply....Ageless" here which makes me think this is a question on more than just my mind. I'm hearing that 50 is the new 30(and I'm liking the sound of that). If I do the math correctly that makes 60 the new 40. My husband definitely agrees with the 'new' math.  I'm so impressed with the number of vibrant, energetic 60-year olds around me these days, like my friend and colleague, Valerie Cross.

I seem to find my best inspiration in conversations with friends, so I thought I would ask Valerie Cross (one of my favorite brand spanking new 60 year olds) her secrets for imbibing in the fountain of youth.

Valerie Cross Interview Favorite Style Tips?   Stay fit and wear comfy clothing that feels right.  Wear only sentimental, beautiful jewelry. Find a good  hair stylist.  Sunscreen and great lotion are daily musts .


Health and Wellness tips?  Lots of sleep, (my favorite # is 9 hrs. per night), lots of water, lots of fresh food (low sodium, fat and sugar), daily exercise and relaxation.  Enjoyment of life = awareness of nature (stopping to smell the roses).  Doing something every day that fills the soul.  Be open to new experiences.


Favorite Beauty products? Good body lotion, rich facial moisturizer, and vitamin C  facial serum.


How has your relationship changed over time and any tips for keeping romance alive? Married to Rick for 38 years after 6 months of knowing each other.   Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Learn from each other and  listen carefully. Be your genuine self, be spontaneous,  be thoughtful and generous. Yes, compromise.  Share laughter!


What 3 elements do you value most in your life?  Good health, loving relationships and integrity.


What would you tell your 21-year-old self?   You picked a great man- ha!!

Strive always for excellence to be proud of who you are. Trust your heart and pursue your passion.  Be assertive and open to learn from all around you.


What is your favorite thing about 60?  FREEDOM!! To be stylish and less sensitive about other’s reactions. To have less time constraints (dinner, workout, relaxation ) with children no longer living in the home.  Ability to travel more and be spontaneous.


What is your secret for staying ageless? Enjoying much time outdoors, enjoying a variety of sports (hiking, cycling, mountain biking, water skiing, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking ). Sharing a great glass of wine  and good food, connecting with friends.  Being open to new experiences and adventures.


My hot tip?  Have a passion for life!! Every day is a new day with opportunities to be compassionate and love….


Mom to 3 wonderful sons, Gma to 4 sweet little ones, and married to the handsome and funny love of her life, Rick, for 38 years. Valerie is indeed sipping at the fountain of youth(all this time I thought we were enjoying sauvignon blanc).#just jokes For a previous post with thoughts on motherhood from Valerie here. New research on staying ageless here. Happy Birthday Valerie!! Thanks for sharing your insight with Stylemindchic today. #birthday card;)

I would love to hear your hot tips for staying ageless. Here's to more sipping at that fountain of youth!



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