Sometimes a Day Takes a Different Turn Than You Expect........the bitter and the sweet.

As I dressed for a merry day at work yesterday, filled with delivering Christmas gifts and attending a holiday party, I didn't expect to end up in the Emergency Room at the hospital. I had experienced some shortness of breath and difficulty breathing a couple of weeks ago. My physician told me to come in immediately if it happened again. I followed my gut instinct and headed to her office rather than ignore it and commute the 20 minutes to work. I was sent straight to the hospital. The valet at the Emergency Room said I should be an ad for Sax Fifth Avenue with my festive red coat. It made me smile but I was feeling unwell and trying to hold it together. By the time they checked me in my blood pressure had soared dangerously high and I was still having trouble breathing. I hadn't been able to reach my husband so I was at the E.R. by myself for about an hour bringing us some painful memories in the ER for me. Scott finally arrived and that helped calm my nerves some. 3 EKGs, 5 needle sticks (I have rubbery veins), blood tests, my first CT scan to check for a clot in my lungs, and finally a stress test (luckily I had a pair of work out shoes in my car) and I was cleared to leave. I was relieved theat there was no blood clot and that my heart is fine. I'll consult with my physician on a couple of minor tweaks to keep this from happening again. I dawned my cheery red coat and walked back out into fresh air and a glorious sunset feeling grateful to be headed home.

Before this little adventure I had  already planned to write a post today about how holidays can feel bittersweet for some of us. As we grow older the more life and loss touch us.

I wrote a post last year about the bittersweet season and it still feels relevant

Bittersweet Season

 If you are feeling this way too you are not alone.

London December 22nd, 2012

Feeling like I'd been run over by a truck this morning, I flipped on the news to see that the roof of a theatre in London had partially collapsed with 76 casualties. This time last year, almost to the day, we were at the Queen's Theatre right  next door viewing Les Miserable. Last night they set up triage for the wounded in the Queen's Theatre right where this photo was taken of us.

Our holiday in London here.

December 2012

Spending the day in the Emergency Room was a bummer but I was lucky to be released and sent

home with no major health issues rather than admitted.

We had a lovely evening in London and were lucky to be there last season and not this one.

The bitter with the's all part of the journey of life.

 Scott and I are hosting a party for 26 of my colleagues here tonight so I'm off

to make some merry now that I'm feeling better.

I hope you are enjoying a sparkling season but

if you are experiencing the bitter with the sweet today please know you are not alone.


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