Tips for Organizing Your Closet

I love a well organized space; I’m not going to lie. Something about clearing away the clutter, dumping the excess and finding the perfect spot for things, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helps relax my mind. Order must be my antidote for chaos.  When I was young, I enjoyed rearranging my bedroom furniture, an antique twin bed set and 2 large dressers, regularly.  My parents kindly indulged me and would even help with the heavy lifting at times. I came up with some crazy arrangements that were not always balanced, pleasing to the eye, or practical, but I found it, somehow, interesting. It was a bit like living in a new room without moving.  I still find that there is something calming about creating order in my space. 

When it comes to organizing, I find our closet to be the biggest challenge.  Not that I don’t get it pretty well together on some occasions, but it is fluid. I'm in and out multiple times a day, dressing, undressing, redressing…..the whole “thought THAT would work but it’s a definite no way today” issue. I have a slipper chair for the cast-offs, which contains the clutter, but by the end of the week I tend to a pretty good stack going.  Ahhhhh, the weekend, time to take care of business, create order and play one of my favorite games~my 4 Ds~deal, dump, donate or *delight.  I’m a firm believer that if something isn’t working for me; give it someone who can use it. I have actually seen some of my giveaways around town, or at work, and it makes me smile. My best tip is to have a box or bag right in the closet, with a pen and tax itemization sheet for the donations. I even put large plastic trash bags in my basket so that when it is full I can whisk the whole thing away for donation.  When I bring in something new I immediately try to place an item in the donate box to keep the balance.  In fact, I’m a little bummed if I have to buy a new package of white hangers; it’s like a ‘give in’ to not managing our stuff.

*The deal~hang it,sew it, launder it, steam it and get it back in the game.

*The dump~stained, torn beyond repair, it’s just plainuglygurrrrrl. You deserve better.

*The donate~if it’s in good shape and you like it, but you just don’t seem to look forward to wearing it~let it go to someone who could use it.

*The delight~keep it, put it on a hook of upcoming outfits you plan to wear in the next week. Be glad you found something that feels and looks good.  If it’s that fab you may want to get it in another color before they stop making it. 

It's the weekend, a perfect time to play the game, get your closet organized, plan some outfits to save yourself time during your hectic week and do a good thing for someone else.

 Loving these dream closets for a bit of inspiration........

What are your best tips for clearing the clutter and organizing your closet?



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