I'm Still Hot...it just comes in flashes now!

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I'm still hot.....
it just comes
in flashes now.


As I was commuting to work this week, I read this on a bumper sticker and laughed out loud.

It had been awhile since I'd thought about being 'hot'.

At this age, are we still hot?

Lace dress on beach

You know the feeling.........

feeling good

in our own skin.

Black lingerie on Roof top terrace

Feeling confident and bold.......

Blush skirt and low back


Open Back

and sexy.

sexy black heels

Sparking the flame...


 that fans the fire.

Beachy Waves

Feeling 'hot', alluring, sexy and desirable

all begins in our own mind.

Green der

It's about our attitude, confidence

and self-awareness.

Pure float

Acceptance of ourselves is the key.........

and it shows.

It's not always easy to say we are feeling it,

or keep that mojo going, especially as hot flashes,

and other 'fun things' remind us we no longer 30  years old.

I struggle with it myself sometimes, but it's important to remember.

Heather Lindstrom on terrace Italy 2003

I'll admit it, I felt hot during my first trip to Italy, with Scott.

I remember this moment, arriving at the Cinque Terre, and we had just checked in to our hotel suite.

I was finally cool, for the first time in a week, during the heat wave of a century.

There in the soft, cool sea breezes, with dusk over the water,

I felt it.

I felt good in my own skin, I was living life, embracing love, and it was hot......

I was hot.

It's not about a look, but a feeling.

For some of us who struggle with body image from time to time this embrace your body, change your life is inspiring.

Wedding day kiss

(This post 100% approved by my husband)

Stylemindchic LogoMany of us will be enjoying a long weekend, so let's make it memorable.

When was the last time you felt 'hot'?


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