Style Guide: Briana

When it comes to style, I find my inspirations all around me. A distinctive style can grow and change over time, but I think we can all agree, some women are just born with it. My style guide series has included a range of ages and aesthetics. I thought it would be fun to mix it up and get some stylish inspiration from one of my favorite young style guides, Briana, a very hip 20 something who happens to drive a Ninja around town. She has a passion for traveling the world (Vietnam is a fav), a gift for teaching (pre-schoolers are her favorite) and is currently a magazine editor/writer  for Upgraded Living magazine in her hometown of Chico. Along with being wicked smart and gorgeous, she is one of the funniest people I know. Briana just so happens to be my step-daughter and I knew she would dish!

Style Guide: Briana Lindstrom

Favorite Beauty Products ~Skincare: Face: St. Ives Apricot Scrub is a treasure hidden on the bottom shelf. I mix it with any face wash for exfoliation, or use it by itself on my chest and back. It smells delicious and is soothing and smoothing. Body: Homemade Sugar Scrub is a delicious way to end a relaxing shower. Sugar, Baby Oil or Olive Oil, a few drops of essential oil, and some aloe vera gel is the perfect recipe for a silky glow. ~ Lips: I love the big, fat Cocoa Butter Chapstick that looks like a glue stick. It lasts forever, tastes good and adds the perfect amount of moisture. It’s always my base coat before lip gloss to lock in moisture and make the gloss go on smooth like buttah! ~Mascara: I try and try other brands, but nothing is as fabulous as the good ol’ neon pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It’s a classic and it turns my blinkers on. ~Base/primer: Bare Escentuals has light-weight mineral powder foundations that are gentle on the skin, and easy on the eyes ;) For more coverage and less money, I like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation. Somehow they have my exact color and it blends in without looking oily or too thick.


~Body lotion: In-shower lotion by Olay, is a great addition to a beauty routine. I especially love it after I shave. Sometimes I’m in a hurry when I get out of the shower and I just want to get ready and go! Moisturizing in the shower is so quick and easy and it locks the moisture in since pores are open with the steam and hot water. Plus when I see the water beading off my smooth legs like little pearls, I have a mermaid moment! ~Scents: Ferragamo “F” for Fascinating and Coach “Summer Edition” are sophisticated and delicious. Fresh and sexy for a working girl by day and a flirt by night ;) ~Hair Products~ Blonds may have more fun, but if I lightened my hair, it would probably just bring out my mustache! Seriously though, a girl who rocks dark locks knows that shine is the way to be noticed. Redken Extreme is a great line for shine, and it smells great too.

My hot tip~ Even a little workout will give you endorphins to make you glow. Bollywood dancing is a great at-home workout (and laughing at yourself will help burn calories as well). Steam room is my other trick for dull skin and dull moods. There are tons of health benefits, and it’s a post-workout treat that motivates me to get to the gym.

(My beautiful step-daughters~Lauren, Annika and Briana)

Fashionable Favorites: Fashion icon: I can’t help but love Kourtney Kardashian. She’s ethnic looking, and the shortest in the family, just like me! We vertically challenged girls know there are things we just can’t get away with wearing, but there’s a special corner in the closet that we get to have all to ourselves! Kourtney has great taste and makes it all look good.

Favorite designers: I love beachy designs and bright colors and prints. Sooo happy that these trends are part of the Spring 2012 wearable runway designs. If I could afford Versace’s 2012 resort line, I’d buy every piece. I heart heart heart Mondo Guerra from Project Runway and he will have a line available at Neiman Marcus soon. His eye for pattern and color mixing makes me hungry for fashion and I can’t wait to get some of his goods.

If I could I’d play … Nicki Minaj…..for a day, because….. although she isn’t the most mainstream fashion icon, I love her. Her insane wigs, girly dresses and awesome boots all make me a little jealous! I especially love the outfit she wore on the Ellen show and her kick-ass blue cowboy boots. Yes Please! My hot tip~ Wear clothes that make you feel like you look good. Even on casual days. And when it comes to heels, here are some reasons why NOT to wear them: you’re tall, you’re taller than your man, nobody else is wearing them, it’s cold, they’re too fancy, blah blah blahhhhh.... I say WHO CARES?? Heels are sexy! They make your legs, butt, posture and outfit look hot. From kitten to stiletto, if you feel like strutting around a few inches above average, don’t let anything stand in your way!

Teacher Bri



Family trip to Cabo San Lucas 2007

Thanks for dishing with me today Bri. I'm still laughing about the 'blond hair just brings out my mustache'! xo

All travel photos~Briana Lindstrom


Bri texted this one to me from her recent trip to St.Thomas!