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My mother, Jeri Orr, is my first and favorite Style icon.  I'll never forget watching her dress, for a party or dinner out with my dad, when I was a young girl. In her dressing room she created the perfect look, with a french twist, shine of the lipstick, stockings, luxurious fabrics for a perfectly fitted silhouette (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's). As she walked away, the click of her heels, the swish of  the stockings and a lingering scent of L'air Du temps set the mood. Perfection. The styles of the early 1960's are embedded in my mind as the height of style. Men wore slim cut suits and skinny ties. Women wore luxurious and stylish fashions that have stood the test of time. In my mind, it was the golden age.

Mom with flowers 2013

SMC~  I've asked my stylish and very wise mother to dish on her stylish favorites for Stylemindchic Lifestyle.  I hope you enjoy her style secrets as much as I do.

Jeri~ “Beauty is only skin deep”, right?  It’s getting deeper all the time!! What is on the inside is by far more important than what is on the outside…..that inner beauty shines through.

 Beauty Products:   My best asset is behind my face….attitude, self-forgetfulness and smile!!!

 I play with my make up like an artist would use color; highlight and diminish. Oh yes, diminish!

Skincare:   Estee Lauder, I use most of their line and find it is very fresh and great for the “mature” skin.  Their new  Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift  Age-Correcting  for Throat and  Décolletage is my latest purchase.  They are pricey but good.

 Lips:  Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick; chap stick  OraLabs  Chap Ice(no chapped lips).

Mascara:  L’Oreal  Double extend. Step 1 & 2 (I do think my  lashes have lengthened and thickened, even at my age!!).

Base/primer : Estee Lauder  Futurist;  Estee Lauder Smoothing Crème Concealer.  I have several scars on my face from  skin cancer and these products cover well.  I buy their stick concealer in a lighter shade and use that on some problem areas (deep wrinkles).  Light brings forward, dark recedes. Color on the high cheek bone area brightens the face. But keep it  subtle (I’m painting that canvas I call my face!). It is sort of like those paint by number canvases, you have to do with what you got.

Body lotion: Estee Lauder body crème Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

Scents:   I like a signature fragrance…I have had many,  people often ask me what I am wearing.  Again it’s from Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. This sounds too sweet but it isn’t.  If you like a heavy scent this is not it.

Hair Products: NEXXUS

My hot tip!!    Keep your skin moist. Keep those UVrays  off your skin! See your dermatologist for any blemishes that don’t go away in a short time.


Fashionable Favorites:


Fashion icon:  How far back can I go??  Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren sophisticate or siren???? I think we all have a little of both.

Favorite designers:   St. John for their elegant classic  line.  The basic knit has been good for 30 years.  Ralph Lauren for their more casual line.  Eileen Fisher is good for basics.   I buy classic and add inexpensive trendy stuff to update my look. I have built a great wardrobe by thinking quality and classic for the pricey items. Build around basic colors so that mix and match can expand my look. Save those treasures.  I recently pulled a long black wool knit dress by Dana Buchman from the “not in use” end of my closet.  My consultant at Nordstrom loved it….it’s now!!! With low boots and a great belt I was good to go.  My friends asked me if my outfit was new…haven’t seen it before (only a millions times ), but I have renewed it with something that says “NOW”.  Got to love those basics.



Mom, Heidi and Heather Lindstrom at mom's wedding Stylemindchic Lifestyle


I play with fashion.  I sit at the computer and scroll through various designers for inspiration. I notice things like even the skinny models look hippy in some styles.  It helps me select styles that might work for me.  In articles from fashion editors in New York they recommend that to up your fashion savvy look (high-end) go monochromatic in basic colors:  black, gray, beige, brown and camel.  I have found that gives one a taller look as well. I have a few extra pounds  so I don’t cut myself in half with too many color changes.  Keep the skirt, pants and shell the same color or jacket and skirt, pants…change out the third piece with pizzazz, color  or a trendy pop.  Change your  outfits that could be boring with accessories of various kinds.

Grandma being walked down the aisle by grandsons


"The best fashion statement is to know who you are and be comfortable with you" -Jeri

PS-after this post was first published: Love is in the air and a wedding!

I couldn't help but update some of the happy photos!


My lovely Mom, Jeri.

Thanks for sharing! xx,