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Barbie Clothing and Barbie Style on Stylemindchic Lifestyle The last time I asked my sister, Heidi, two years younger than me, to play Barbie dolls, she replied, "I'm too old for that!" Oops....Clearly she had outgrown the long, lean, perfectly tanned, stylish dress up sessions years before I had. I loved my Barbies! I was the director as Barbie hung out with her friends, had adventures and played dress up. I finally got a Ken doll and I loved their long, leisurely dates, dressed and redressed, to the nines. There was sometimes a little romance, and kissing, at the end of the date. I will never confirm, or deny, whether or not my Barbie and Ken actually made out (but look at them, wouldn't you?). Play, it's so clearly a way that children experiment with life before they actually live it.

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Scott and I were doing some early spring cleaning recently and he brought in boxes for me to sort. I knew I had several Barbie cases, but I hadn't opened them in many years. As I pulled out outfits, neatly hung on Barbie hangers, I realized that Barbie had some pretty cool style. In fact, some of what Barbie was wearing looks familiar and very 'now' with the whole 70's vibe that's happening. I realized, not only would I wear that, I have that! I'm loving a jumpsuit this season, though I wear one in black. I had a major 'must have' moment over a coral lace maxi dress last summer, exactly the color of the lace top above. I have a thing for 'mixed metals' and have a bronze swimsuit similar to the one above. The shades of greens, yellow, coral, and pops of color in prints, are all filling my closet. I realize the ultimate power of a white blouse in a wardrobe. Add a touch of black chiffon, a high heel and some sparkle...all are familiar themes on this blog and style secrets.


Style Secrets from Barbie:

Bright, bold colors and prints can make you happy!

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Dress in your favorite shades and

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 don't be afraid of bold prints!

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A jumpsuit, especially black, can make you look longer and leaner than you might actually be. If you wear a heel, it will add to the illusion of length. Of course Barbie has high heels conveniently built-in to her feet. #genius

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A white blouse can take you everywhere. A 'Barbie' style cap can cover any number of bad hair days. A coral lace maxi may remind you of a Barbie outfit that you didn't even remember.

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Chiffon can make you feel feminine, and a little sexy, especially if it's black.

A pair of stilettos can elevate your mood and your derrière

 (of course Barbie has that built-in too!).

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A touch of sparkle will always elevate your look.

I was amazed to see the similarities of my favorite Barbie outfits and some of my style choices today.

It's true that Barbie had some style secrets to share!

They say that what goes around, comes around, in fashion and in life.

Gucci Ad and My style from when I was 10 years old are the same brown coat


If that's true, it seems Gucci "stole our look"!  Heidi and I were sporting this look in the early 70's!

You've always had fabulous taste Gucci and I thank Barbie for sharing some stylish secrets early on.

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My true style icon is, of course, my mom.

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How about you?

Who were your style icons?

Were you a Barbie fan?


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