Stylemindchic Life and a New Address!

Welcome to the shiny, new version of the Stylemindchic Life. I am so happy we've found each other (again)! I feel like I'm welcoming you into my new 'blog home' with this first post on my new site.

Tulips on towel

 Come on in and let me show you around. I'm still unpacking, primping and zhushing up old posts. It will take some time but I'm excited. I can already feel that this move was the right one for me.

Yellow Tulips for Spring

Fresh flowers are a must here at Stylemindchic life. I know you feel the same.

Lindstrom Home on Stylemindchic

These tulips are capturing the mood I hope to set for the Stylemindchic Life. I hope you find it to be a refreshing, sunny escape, with a dose of real life, knowing that into every life some rain must fall.

My first Stylemindchic Header

I've been feeling a little nostalgic as I look back over my early posts and headers of my blog.

My Stylemindchic Blogspot Header

Above is a screen shot of my most recent header for Stylemindchic just before the move. January was the first time I purchased a template (on etsy), and though I liked the cleaner look I found it compacted the posts too much for my taste. Though I didn't have any significant skills in blog design when I started, I've realized I'm definitely a DIY type. I have never employed anyone to help with the blog but I realized, that if I wanted to make a big move, I needed to rely on the experts. On the recommendation of my wise blogger friend, Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget, I hired Boost Interactive Media to move Stylemindchic from Blogger to I'm liking the fresh, clean look and all the 'bells and whistles' has to offer. I've heard that SEO (search engine optimization) is easier and, most importantly, I want to own my own content as I continue to grow Stylemindchic Life. If you are thinking about making a move to, or other website, I highly recommend this dream team of Maura and Kelly. Maura, at Leapin Design, will create your new site and transfer content seamlessly as she did for Stylemindchic Life. Kelly is focusing primarily on development of new blogs and website designs at Boost Interactive Media. Both are knowledgeable, encouraging and patient with a novice like me.

Love a pink sunset dancing in the pool

Thank you for stopping by my new blog home today. In the coming weeks I'll be settling in, reconstructing my blog roll and learning the ropes. My previous blogspot site will redirect you to this new Stylemindchic Life site. You can also add my new URL above to your blogroll. If you experience any glitches with my site please do let me know.

Cheers to a new adventure!

Stylemindchic Life Logo

In typical Stylemindchic Life fashion-

celebrate everything today!


Heather Lindstrom Signature

P.S.-Now that the move is made I can focus on my upcoming trip with blogger friends to Napa Valley.


Fresh Finds for spring at my here!

Spring has sprung!