Stylemindchic Turns One!!


It's a little, bitty milestone, but since we believe in the right to celebrate absolutely everything (you'll always find a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge), it's time to break out the bubbly! As I sit here, at my white parson's desk, with my Diptyque candle burning, listening to French Carla Bruni free Radio on Pandora, with a Caudalie (french skincare) masque on my face, perusing Pinterest, I have to smile. I've learned so much from my year as a blogger. Thank you for the tips,  my blogging friends, and truly, that's the least of this blogging journey for me.


January 21st was the first birthday of my Stylemindchic blog. I couldn't help but remember back to my feelings of timid excitement when I published my first post, January 21st, 2012. Blogger friends, can you relate?  There is something so powerful about putting ourselves out there....hey world, I'm here (hope you like me).  I am by no means a writer, and have never had any illusions along those lines (commas, continue to baffle me sometimes).....and I'm sure I use dots........waaaaaay too often. My goal was to find my voice.  January 2012, I didn't have much to say yet, but I was willing to take a leap, to hope that maybe someday someone out there would find me, read, connect, be encouraged, find inspiration, or have a little laugh..... (again with the dots).

My first timid post here.

When I was dreaming up a name for my blog, I originally came up with Stylemind, as a nod to my School Psychologist/Style Lover split personality.  That name was already taken on the blogspot blogging platform so I ended up adding the 'chic' (as you know it's pronounced like shiek not chick ;). I was a little mixed on the chic at first but when I launched my online Stylemindchic Boutique, in May, I realized chic and boutique suit each other quite nicely. I'd love to hear how you named your blog if you have one. via

Reaching this milestone, 165 blog posts and nearly 31,500 hits from readers around the world, I can no longer say I am a newbie blogger. It makes me wonder~Why am I on this path? Where am I going with it? Where do I want to end up? I thought about how I would feel if I stopped (all this computer time has done nothing fab for my tush) and found a new adventure for 2013. That reflection alone made me realize how much this creative outlet means to me and how enriching it is to be a part of this lovely blogging community. I am simply in awe of the deep honesty, raw talent, technical wizardry (photoshopcollages-I'm impressed!), literary skill, fashion knowledge, taste makers, hot tip givers, inspirations, and generous support/encouragement I've seen in the blogging community. Some of my favoritebloggerfriendsare listed in my blog faves in the right column. I would love it if you would take a peek.Youwill be inspired.

To the inspired bloggers who have included Stylemindchic in their blog favorites (xx), and to each and everyone of you who have clicked on, followed or left a much appreciated comment on Stylemindchic, I am deeply grateful. Let's celebrate!!

You keep me coming back for more!!!

How did you feel when you took that first step {first blog post, new project, artistic endeavor}?  And cheers to you for making the leap!xx, Heather P.S. And to my sweet husband who has had to make many more runs to the market and loads of laundry this are, simply the best. Thanks for attempting to wrangle the commas for me...xx

Luxe clutches new at the Stylemindchic Boutique!