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For the last three years I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Upgraded Living Magazine on the 'New Year, New You' makeovers. It's been a labor of love and I always walk away from the experience uplifted by the women and their stories. I wrote this post on 'The Fine Art of Generosity' while we were in full swing with the makeovers. The spirit of generosity is infectious, from boutique owners, salon owners, stylists and the hardworking magazine staff. It's all generated from the spirit of giving. Seeing these beautiful faces light up, after the styling, primping and pampering, makes the effort all worthwhile. When the magazine arrived at the house, I quickly opened to the makeover pages, to see the final results. As you can see, I had a surprise in store (note the first quote of the article).


The women are glowing! Nothing like a fresh look to start out a new year, brimming with opportunities. Thank you to Upgraded Living Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief Briana, for asking me to be part of this wonderful series. For more on the 'Fine Art of Generosity' and earlier makeovers here and here.


Stylemindchic + Upgraded Living Magazine

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