A Sunny Escape to Portofino


 A sunny escape to Portofino and a quintessential glimpse of the Italian Riviera.  Have you been? Have you always wanted to visit? Let's escape and immerse ourselves in the vibrant colors and golden sunshine of Portofino.

This is my love letter to one of my favorite moments in time.


We dip our toes into the refreshing azure waters of the Mediterranean as the sea glistens with sunlight.


 We can't take our eyes off the iconic beauty of this picturesque place.

It's almost as though it were frozen in time.

Cafe Life in Portofino

Cafe life is alive and well in Portofino and we select a stylish cafe.

The vibrant views of the harbor keep us company.


We sip a chilled white wine with crisp, steely and citrus notes, Vermentino, from Italy's Ligurian region. We graze on a platter of antipasto-local cheeses, roasted pistachios, figs, honey, olives and cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto. We promise to stop back by for a nocciola gelato, hazelnut, to satiate our sweet tooth, before we leave.



We take a quick boat ride around the bend to see the beauty of

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso di Camagoli and the colorful holiday seekers.


We enjoy the scenic views of the Italian Riviera.

The Vibe......


Neroli Portofino in a fragrance

(Tom Ford Neroli Portofino-the body oil is a cost-effective option for this favorite)


(I read this delicious story during my trip to Portofino).



(a tearjerker beautifully set in Liguria, Italy with Colin Firth-enough said)


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I hope you enjoy this sunny escape.

I've heard from readers that it's a favorite focus of

my blog and I enjoy creating this sunny vibe for you.


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