A Sunny Escape to St. Barths

Pierre Carreau via St. Barths

Sometimes an image brings back a favorite moment in time, like this one I spotted on Pinterest.

Favorite places, spaces, memories, future plans and dreaming......

I think that's why some of us are practically addicted to our Pinterest virtual pin boards.

My boards here

I saw some images from Pamela Fiori's beautiful coffee table book, 'In The Spirit of St. Barths', on pinterest and was

reminded how much I adore the look and feel of a coffee table book, especially when it reflects one of my favorite places.

With all this beauty available at our finger tips (no computer needed!)

As for St. Barths.............

This was one of those moments, at St. Jean Beach, on the Island of St. Barths.

It's been nearly 10 years-but if I close my eyes I can remember that exact moment.

Pure Bliss

(peace, tranquility...not a care in the world)

It was a wonderful trip for us and the first time enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean together.

There is something magical about those sugar sand beaches.

We were kids!

Those 9+ years have gone by in a flash.....but my memories of that place in time I'll have forever.

Thanks to Pinterest, coffee table images and photo albums. When was the last time you felt it-bliss?

Wishing you more of those moments this week.

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