Take Me Away...Paris

Take Me Away Paris 2006

#Take Me Away

It's just a moment in time, a brief 'take me away' indulgence, where I'm transported to another place.  A memory filled with color, fragrance, light and sensation. It seems that some days I need just a brief escape from the cares of career life. Do you feel that way too?  As I close my eyes today I'm remembering this picturesque cafe in Paris. I snapped this shot in 2006, on a tiny Sony camera so small it could fit inside a clutch purse. A 'take me away moment' changes our breathing, calms our heart rate and changes the chemicals in our brains. Not only is it a reflection on a pleasant memory, it's good for our bodies. I use this tool when I need to feel the full benefits of a 'take me away' moment. It works, it truly does.

Do you have those moments?

Where do you find yourself escaping to today?


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Here's to a sunny escape today!


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