Advice for Our 20-Year-Old Selves

As I was leafing through my old photo albums the other day, I came across a few images of my carefree 20-year-old self.  Glimpsing the bright eyes, boundless energy and the 'sky is the limit' kind of attitude got me to thinking........

   What would I tell my 20-year-old self, 30 years later, if I knew then what I know now?

  • Don't be in such a rush....take that semester abroad during college. 
  • Take the French. You may not know it now, but that choir conducting class you were required to take for the same credits, will do you absolutely NO good.... zip. Oui?  (As it turns out, France is one of your favorite places to travel and it would come in so handy).

The harbor at Portofino in 2011 on Stylemindchic Lifestyle Blog


*Your body will never be as sleek, firm and smooth as it is now, so don't waste time wishing it was more perfect and obsessing about a space between your thighs.

  • *Though great hair products may not have been invented yet, please try to find a way to tame that unruly beast. A triangular-shaped chin length bob with curly bangs has never been, and will never be, flattering. p.s.-maybe you should invent the flat-iron!
  • *Do not get married at 20.... no matter how grown up you think you are, and no matter how sweet the boy, you both have significant life to live, before you tie the knot that will be painfully untied at 25.

  • *Don't put off having babies until life is perfect....sadly, you may miss the fertility window....and life is never, ever perfect. 
  • You would have loved being a mom.

Rylee, my niece

   On Facebook I asked family and friends what advice they would give to their 20-year-old self.  
It's fun to share these insightful and humorous responses. 

The destination does not matter nearly as much as the journey, so pay attention to every moment of every day.  Tara

Don't worry so much about what people think and please put on your sun screen!!!  Linda

Follow any plan; travel and see the world; do anything but get married.  Don't get married.  Jacqueline

Was trying to think of advice for my 20-year-old me but I honestly think I need more advice at 26. Lol! Lauren 

Don’t perm and wear side pony tails!! Andrea

Don't get married, instead follow your plan and get your law degree.  Patrice

Worry less and have more fun!  Mireya


Love yourself the way you are and don't change to please others or to fit in. Friends should like you “as is”!  Evelyn

Save money!  Tammy

Know that you have unlimited potential, dare to dream big!! Drive is the most important factor in success!  Jeri (mom)


  • Follow your passion. Don't just settle for security. Let your soul sing!  Teresa
  • Save all your money for one-way plane tickets!!  Briana
  • Enjoy + appreciate your 20-year-old body (enjoy not having to wear 2 bras). Lily (and friends at Creekside Cellars).
  • Enjoy the works itself out. Appreciate your health and energy. Wear sunscreen! Drink more water! Appreciate and spend more time with your parents.
  • Tell those you love how much they mean to you. Be aware of the beauty that is always around you in the subtle things.  Melanie
  • Marry the RIGHT person who lets you be yourself and don't sweat the small stuff (90% or more of the "stuff" is small!).   Darla
  • Love yourself.  You are enough.  Don't give up who you are for a relationship.  A relationship with a man is not more important than the relationship with
  • yourself.  Love yourself first. Glenda (and friends on girls' weekend in Seattle)

  • Make sure the person you marry is someone you know more than a few months.  Debbie M.
  • Travel abroad and experience all you can! Michelle Z.
  • You don’t have to marry every person you date…Don’t put your education off…. It’s harder to go back + finish up later.  Dorie
  • Be good to yourself:  good nutritious food, ample sleep, dance often, be kindhearted. Remember that every day is a new day so don’t sweat the small stuff!  Most of all/love much….beginning with yourself: this IS what makes the world turn.  Valerie

What a treat to have you share your  words of wisdom on Stylemindchic!

My sister Dorie and niece Rylee (photo credit Dorie)
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