The Best Reason to Be a Blogger

During our trip to wine country last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting, and spending the afternoon, with one of my favorite bloggers, Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) here. Adrienne lives in Kenwood, California in the picturesque Sonoma Valley. She had arranged for a private wine tasting at VJB winery which felt like being transported to an Italian piazza.  Divine!  It was a perfect spot to spend some time and, frankly, I had a million questions for Adrienne, a consummate blogger who is currently in Redbook magazine here and an interesting article on the pantone colors of 2013 for fall here. Isn't that fun?  That's the interesting thing about blogging. In some ways you know each other so well and yet you have never spoken to or heard your blogger friend's voice. It's a bit like being high tech pen pals.

Here's what meeting my first blogger friend was all about:

*We recognized each other immediately. Big smiles and waves as Adrienne drove in.
*Big hugs as promised!

*Adrienne is a statuesque beauty and just as lovely on the inside as on the outside.

*When you follow a blog you already know the latest. With Adrienne I knew about the recent trip to LA, the favorite pair of shoes (for Adrienne those super stylish pointy toed Calvin Klein Dolly pumps-on my must have list!) and her latest postonathrifted animal print blouse.

*You see the gold watch and comment on what a smart choice she made to have thecrystalsreplacedrather than buy a new one.

*You remember recent losses....that you read about and cared about online...... and speak to that.

*We just know this stuff. We share personal glimpses of life and that is what the blogging community is about for me.

I enjoyed every minute of our visit and could have talked for hours. I'm laughing that in many of the photos that were taken I was in much to say. In blog world we tend to have a wonderful connection, great communication online, but to met with a blogger in real time is something entirely different. In my real life there is not much 'blog speak' which is a bit like a foreign language.  Adrienne and I moved easily from blog hosts, analytics, the benefits of going .com, html and web design options among many other blog related topics. We also agreed that by writing a blog it helps to refine our vision and our personal style.

On a more personal note we spoke of  our shared experiences of moving to a new city, marrying and becoming step-moms (which we both did just about the same time back in the day-if only we had been friends back then!). I reminded Adrienne that the first post I commented on, when I discovered her blog, was an older post about becoming a step-mom. My comment was, "You had me at step-mom". I was very touched by her authentic post on this stage of life that we have both experienced. It was fun to realize our weddings were just a month apart back in 2000. Happy 13th Adrienne and Bill!

Adrienne brought me a lavender body scrub and body lotion from a local grower in Sonoma. It smells just like a lavender field in a jar. A lovely memento of our time in wine country.




I think Adrienne was pleased with a pair of signature hoops from my Stylemindchic Boutique here.

On our way out we took a few photos. I asked Adrienne (while I had the chance) for any tips on posing for fashion photos.

She is so skilled at this and I am such a  novice. (Why didn't I wear black and high heels? ;)

A few tips I begged from Adrienne: *Crossing your ankles is good-especially for pant shots (I did it with a skirt-but watch out for the 'missing leg' result-above;). *Turning one foot slightly inward makes a nice angle for fashion photos. Yes! *Don't squint. Love that-and so needed that reminder!

Blogging is creative, a challenge, and a journey unto itself. Connecting with friends, and meeting new blogging friends, in this creative process, is hands down my favorite reason for blogging.

Thank you Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a budget) here and Henry (owner at VJB) here for creating a perfect afternoon in wine country. Next time, we will meet Bill and have so much more to catch up on!

Have you met a blogger friend in real life?

Wishing you a safe and wonderful weekend!



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