The Fine Art of Doing Nothing (on a beach vacation!)

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

Marquis Cabo San Lucas

The fine art of.....doing nothing.

  • Getting reacquainted with the idea of sleeping in with no alarm
  • Long, playful walks on the beach
  • Working on that highly prized skill of napping poolside
  • Lazy romantic dinners under the stars



  • Day dreaming
  • Unplugging.....from everything
  • Turning off the the iPhone, iPad, social media (somedays it's a must)
  • Having a dance party on our terrace, if we feel like it

Secrets Los Cabos

  • Falling asleep to the sounds of the waves
  • Letting the seagulls be the soundtrack
  • Breathing deeply (read my post on the importance of this tool here)





  • Laughing...for no reason....except that you have absolutely no stress in the world
  • Not making a list and NOT checking it twice
  • Creating a worry free zone
  • Eating guacamole and chips each and everyday poolside
  • Seeking the most perfect margarita ever invented
  • Memorizing the sound of the crashing waves
  • Finding Peace on the beach in Mexico

For more on Cabo read my Getaway Guide to Los Cabos


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Do you have a fine art of 'doing nothing'? 

What's on your list? I will likely share a few photos from one of my favorite places in my Instagram feed (on the right side of the blog) .....

IF I can motivate myself that is ;).

Until then....... which 'fine art' will you be practicing this week?

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