The Fine Art of Unplugging

The fine art of unplugging at Grand Mayan Heather Lindstrom of Stylemindchic Lifestyle

The fine art of unplugging.....

When was the last time you completely unplugged?

When was the last time you let yourself forget that ever present 'to do' list in your head...

and just let your mind drift?

The fine art of unplugging at the Lounges in Pool at Grand Mayan Los Cabos

When was the last time you allowed yourself an afternoon nap,

or to daydream for hours on end?

Lounging by the pool in Los Cabos at the Grand Mayan

It had been a very long time for me and I allowed myself those moments last week, during our getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico. It wasn't always easy, especially at first. I felt like I should be doing something. You know that feeling?  I predicted that might happen, so I made a plan. I allowed myself the easy capture of a few daily Instagram pics and one quick iPad blog post, a postcard from Los Cabos midweek, but that was it. I left my email, my social media accounts, my career, and my entire blogging life alone. I thoroughly unplugged...and I enjoyed it.

Sunset over the water at 7 Seas Restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico

It felt felt restorative...

and I let myself slow way down.

I listened to the voice within.

I let myself feel the pounding surf, the sun on my skin and

my appreciation for the beauty and nature around me grew.

The firepit at the Grand Mayan, Los Cabos

I thought unplugging might recharge my creative juices and help me explore the more intricate levels of my personal voice that I want to share. I was surprised to realize that I had missed the silence, and the privacy, of my non-blogging life, even for the time being.

Balloons and a rainbow over the sea for a wedding at Grand Mayan

I relished the ease and the noticed the little details...

like balloons and rainbows over the sea for a beach wedding.

My relaxed soul reminded me of the desire to connect...

with someone I love.

Scott Lindstrom at 7 Seas in San Jose del Cabo dinner on the water

Let's trust our gut instinct, to know when we need to recharge, to take a break, to seek the privacy and peace.

This kind of introspection is essential as we care for ourselves.

The Fine Art of Unplugging at the Tranquil poolside at Grand Mayan Los Cabos Heather Lindstrom of Stylemindchic Lifestyle

When you feel you need the rest, the change of pace, the unplugging of it sure to take it.

Our careers, our families & friends and our blogging lives

 will remain and be there when we return...

renewed, refreshed and restored.

Here's to a moment, or a few, of unplugging in life.

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When was the last time you truly unplugged?

Did the voice inside surprise you?


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PS-I'm excited to be meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers here later this week!

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