Tips for Packing (or baggage-we all have it!)

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Ah yes, let's call it the fine art of packing. As I pulled out my suitcase for our recent trip to NYC, I reminded myself of good planning and tips I've learned over years for packing. I only wish I had applied them on our 2 1/2 week trip to Europe last summer. I had just purchased a larger hard shell suitcase~super smooth, perfect rollers~and ended up packing it to the brim~conveniently forgetting that either myself, my husband, the bell hop or the taxi drivers would be schlepping it all over Europe. Sorry about that guys! My dilemma is that I always end up adding that last "perfect" item, or 5, to my suitcase and then I lose track of what I'm actually taking. When packing for the Italian Riviera and Paris, and with my penchant for that part of the world, there always seemed to be an extra halter top or bangle to add to the stash. Don't even get me started on the collection of strappy sandals (practical~no, sexy must-haves~YES!).......If you end up doing any shopping on your vacation, now that you finally have some time, you will also need some extra space for carting home your treasures. That should be some motivation to keep it light!


Soon I will start to pack for a family wedding in Southern California this weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to review my strategies for efficient packing.

My top tips: *Pick a color scheme and stick with it. I usually have 2 more neutral shades and infuse a color pop. *Lay out everything before you start packing your suitcase. Get a full visual so you don't lose track. *Scarves/jewelry can completely change the vibe of an outfit and they don't take up much space. *Always keep 'must haves' ( toothbrush, medications, lotion, makeup essentials, bathing suit) in your carry on. Nothing like having lost luggage at your beach resort and you are sitting in your jeans poolside for the afternoon. *Always carry a wrap or pashmina for the plane. It's a must for keeping you warm with chilly a.c. or creating a pillow for napping.

See below for a couple of visual boards (found on Pinterest). The visuals are helpful in planning. I also see that "rationalize shoes" is an effective strategy. LIKE! Here

Happy Packing!

xx, Heather

Are you still with me? Your reward is that I will share my very wise mother, Jeri's, advice on keeping healthy on a crowded flight. ***A little Vaseline up the nostril (use a q-tip) and take an anti-acid (like a tums) just prior to a long flight and it may just protect you from all those bugs that are settling in around you for the trip. I wish I had remembered that tip before my last flight (I came home from NYC with a nasty little cold). Bon Voyage!!!! Heather

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