Travel Hacks You Need to Know (from a Travel Blogger)

Travel Hacks from a Travel Blogger from the window of an airlplane

Travel Hacks

As a lifestyle and travel blogger, I travel often and I've made it my mission to streamline my packing strategies and travel style. These are a few of my travel hacks that I've learned over time, or learned the hard way, as the case may be.

Travel Hacks from a travel blogger Stylemindchic Life and packing my EMME Bag

My Pre-Pack Hack

My surefire hack to insure you never forget your toothpaste?  Pre-pack. As you prepare for the day, the day before your trip, pack up skin care, cosmetics, toiletries, medications and hair care items in your travel case, instead of putting them back in your drawer. With my pre-packing system I know I will have everything I need when I unpack at my destination. My favorite bag for packing is the EMME ultimate toiletries bag. I will have everything I need and it will be well-organized.

Travel Hacks as a travel blogger and Stylemindchic Life Packing my luggage

My Hang Pack Hack

Before I put any clothing item in my suitcase, I collect all my outfits, displayed on hangers and hooks, so that I can edit my clothing before it goes into the suitcase. I always try to eliminate an outfit or two at that point to prevent over packing. I find that if I don't edit this way I keep adding to the suitcase and it becomes a bottomless--and very heavy--pit of a suitcase.


Travel Hacks from a Travel Blogger

My Lost Luggage Hack

If you are headed to a tropical destination, always pack a swimsuit and a sarong in your carry-on luggage. On a trip to Dominican Republic (when luggage was delayed for three days-and we had an unplanned 2 days in NYC), I figured out how to create resort wear out of a bra and a belt and a sarong. Having your beach wear with you insures you will not lose a day of vacation no matter where your luggage ends up. I also carry a multi-purpose makeup stick like Nars Multiples in my purse so that I can add some glow to cheeks, eyelids and lips if my makeup bag is lost.

Travel Hacks from a travel blogger and using corks on a broken suitcase wheel

My Broken Luggage Hack

Travel adventures are a given--delays, lost luggage, broken bags and more. During our trip to Spain last summer my new roller bag lost a wheel. My previous suitcase came home from Dominican Republic with only 1 out of 4 wheels remaining so losing the wheel was not the major problem. When this wheel came off there were sharp spikes sticking out of the end which could easily stab some well-meaning bell hop or taxi driver in the foot. We collected a few wine corks from the bar..okay..we found a few in our suite. We fashioned a protective cork barrier. The great news is that the luggage company, IT Luggage, sent us a replacement wheel for my bag and Scott put it on--good as new!


Travel Hacks from a Travel Blogger and take a picnic basket to your hotel suite

My Smart Money Hack

To save us from those early morning cravings and need for coffee STAT, Scott and I always bring some snacks along to our suite. Kind bars, roasted almonds, trail mix and some dark chocolate are great for staving off hunger. If our suite has a mini-fridge we will stock it with individual Greek yogurt, cheeses, and cream for our coffee. We travel with our favorite Italian roast from Starbucks and a mini-coffee maker, if it's not included in the room. Pack a wine opener in your luggage, just in case. It's always fun to bring, or buy, a bottle or two of wine for our suite. Open a bottle of wine, add some cheese and nuts for en suite happy hour before dinner.


Scott Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle packing for Los Cabos with a hat and dance music.

The Hat Pack Hack

When traveling to a tropical location I usually wear my hat to keep it from getting crushed. I recently learned how to pack my hat and keep it in good shape while in my suitcase from my blogger friend, Jenny, and the best tip on hat packing.


Travel Hacks for the Modern Woman and Know When to Let go (shoes in the trash)

My Let It Go Hack

When selecting items to pack for a trip, I frequently pack a few items that are on their last leg. Rather than a full jar of moisturizer I'll take the one that's nearly empty or that pair of shoes that's seen better days but are still functional. This pair of sandals served me well during a three week jaunt to Italy and France, but we parted ways in Saint Remy-de-Provence. The bonus of letting things go is lighter luggage and/or more room for shopping and new items to bring home. I've also been known to leave gently used clothing or shoes in my room for housekeeping staff that might enjoy something I'm tired of.


Travel Hacks from a Travel Blogger Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Life with Camera in Lisbon

My Creature Comfort Hack

While traveling I find it essential to make each hotel room my own for comfort and ambiance. My iPhone has my favorite tunes and I pack fragrant travel candles, Rituals linen spray, and my favorite Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase--all from the travel collection at my Stylemindchic Boutique. Getting restorative sleep is essential for a good travel experience in my book.


Travel Hacks from a Travel Blogger on Stylemindchic Life and passports with hat, sunglasses


It's also a great idea to take a photo of your passport, and other essential documents, and email it to yourself...just in case.

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Have you learned any new travel hacks?

Where are you headed this summer?

Bon Voyage!

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