Globetrotting in Style with UncommonGoods


Globetrotting with UncommonGoods

As an avid traveler and travel consultant, it's no surprise that I'm intrigued by globes. In fact, the only collection I allow myself to cultivate is my growing assortment of globes. I'm on the lookout for unique color schemes and functionality. One of my favorite gifts to give fellow globetrotters is a globe. I received the beautiful white and gold number above from my step-daughter, Briana.

I recently received the night sky constellation globe above, a vintage piece from my growing up years, from my mom. I've been intrigued by this globe for most of my life so this is a special new addition.



We picked up one of my favorite family traditions, that I am passing on, from Scott's parents. They marked every travel destination they visited on this globe with a self-adhesive jewel. You may be able to see some of the jewels in the image above. No doubt, I was thrilled when we inherited their globe.

Scott and I are gearing up to create our own globe to mark our travel destinations It has not always been easy to find globes, and maps, with the functionality I want. In searching for globes during the holidays, as gifts for my well-traveled nephews, I was reminded of the unique finds at Uncommon Goods. They have a fantastic selection and these are just a few of the well-traveled items I spotted.


Whether it's a corkboard globe, a scratch-off map, map coasters, or a pillow of where you fell in love from the home collection, there is a great selection. The Anniversary Pushpin World Map is customizable for names and is the perfect anniversary gift for the well-traveled couple. You will find additional ideas for anniversary gifts on the site.  I also spotted the customizable Map Bracelet for her from the artistic and unique gift collection.

I've been a fan since the first catalog arrived in my mailbox years ago. The products, gathered from around the world, have a unique vibe, just as the brand name implies.  I appreciate the brand's commitment to sharing the artistry of local and global designers, as well as forming a community that revels in design and the stories that go into creating each piece. Along with showcasing artisans and artists, founder Dave Bolotsky, has a strong focus on creating an enriching work environment for all employees. Since day one the goal has been to remain sustainable and to minimize the impact on the environment as they continue to do from their happy, uncommon workplace in Brooklyn, New York. It's always a treat to share brands that I believe in and this is one of them. Learn more about the Uncommon Mission and shop UncommonGoods.



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