How to Be Your Own Valentine

It's Valentine's Day, ahhhhhh, the romance, candlelit dinners, boxes of chocolates and roses; amour is in the air.....I'm a romantic at
I'm a romantic at heart~go figure.  My post yesterday was a nod to putting some romance into the day and why not? I tend to enjoy any excuse to pop the bubbly and celebrate something special. Those that know me, would likely agree that I believe in love. My patient and loving dad walked me down the aisle more than once to find true love. I would say it's not that I was unlucky in love, more like I just kept on trying until I was ready, and I got it right. Now that takes dedication.


That said, I'm not forgetting this kind of a day can also be bittersweet, especially if you aren't wrapped up with a significant other just now.  I've been there, more than a few times, and remember feeling like I was just about the only lonely heart out there.  Having a sappy big reminder on the calendar wasn't exactly helpful either (thanks for nothing Hallmark).

Since I've been on both sides of this coin, I want to share a couple of thoughts.  First, if you are a Valentine, and you think you can get by on bringing the romance once a year, think again. Keep that fire burning regularly and it will keep you warm. Ladies and gents, I mean it, we've got to bring it and not just complain about it not being there. Refer to my post yesterday for some inspiration on bringing it ;). Although I'll admit everyone looks sexier in black and white.

Don't Be Mine-Be Yours ;)


And now for those who aren't with a significant other just now, romance in life is about a lot more than just a person. I've learned you can live a pretty lovely life, filled with beauty, goodness, doing for others, and love, in times of being single.  Buy yourself the fresh flowers, use the good stuff, cook a fabulous meal for a friend or just yourself.  Keep that calendar filled enough so that you don't get lonely, but have plenty of time to yourself. Travel, adventure, enjoy.
Guess what....You don't have to work around anyone else at this time in life.  My best tip, when life seems lonely, is to do something good for someone else.  My mom was right, it's a sure-fire cure for getting us out of the blues. Rather than 'be mine', I say 'be yours'. That's pretty fabulous!

*Buy the fresh flowers

*Go on an adventure for one

*Treat yourself to something decadent

*Eat the flippin bon-bon

Just do nothing~no one is watching.....


{My sweet dad, who didn't laugh when I asked him to walk me down the aisle more than once. He passed away knowing my 'third' was indeed a charm!}


Cheers to you,






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