Valentine's Day is for Amateurs {revisited}

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Sorry, that was from me, not George, but since he has a fantastic sense of humor, I really don't think he'd mind......It's been a rugged week so it was time for a little George sighting........and you are welcome!

It's February and I realize there's a bit of hubbub surrounding the whole Valentine's Day thing. I'm a staunch romantic/celebrationist so I must confess,  I'm in! That doesn't mean I'm not aware of the upside, and the downside, of this time of year.

I want to share a couple of thoughts from my previous post on the subject:


"First, if you are a Valentine, and you think you can get by on bringing the romance once a year, think again. Keep that fire burning regularly and it will keep you warm." and  "I would like to pose the thought that romance in life is about a lot more than just a person. I've learned you can live a pretty lovely life, filled with beauty, goodness, doing for others, and love, in times of being single as well.  Buy yourself the fresh flowers, use the good stuff, cook a fabulous meal for a friend or just yourself."

Read more at this link:

Stylemindchic: Valentine's Day is for amateurs

I would love to hear your thoughts.......

And with that, George and I want to wish you a fabulous weekend gorgeous!

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