Visiting My Birth Family (and the gift of adoption)

Scott and I flew to Newport Beach last weekend for some long awaited time with my Newport Beach family, who are also my birth family. I'm still smiling (and resting up!) from all the fun. We stayed at the home of my brother and sister-in-law, Rod and Andrea (Rae) Swanson, as usual.  We call it the Uber Chic Swanson B & B.  Every time we visit there are fresh flowers, lit candles and even a turn down service at night.  Don't even get me started on the delectable meals and parties. We are completely spoiled-with fun, love and care. Rod and Rae have made their contemporary style home a labor of love. Over the years they have reinvented and restyled it-doing most of the design and labor themselves. Their  home is so stylish I told them I had to steal a few shots to share on Stylemindchic.  Take a peek!

The new guest suite at Swanson B & B. The fabulous wall paper is from Pal + Smith-

 close friends of Rod and Rae's in Newport Beach.

Rae scored the same lamp that I posted on Stylemindchic.

Hot tip splurge or saavy here!

Rae and Rod

With such chic style you can see why I asked Rae to do a Style Guide for me on Stylemindchic here.

            These 3-Beck, Holden and Hudson-our adorable nephews- keep us constantly entertained!

Fabulous friends................

  Rod, Dorie, and Heather (me)

The unusual twist to this family scene is, though we are all full blooded siblings, I was adopted at birth. I am the oldest of us three. Dorie and Rod were raised together as family by their parents (my birth parents) and I was raised by my wonderful adoptive parents, Curtis and Jeri Orr (see You Inspire, Jeri), along with my sister, Heidi. Their mom (Marcia-my birth mom) is the lovely lady in blue in the photo above. I look forward to sharing more of the story of how I found them another time, but let's just say it was beyond a surprise for Dorie and Rod that they had a full-blooded sister when I first met them 18 years ago. Clearly, I'm no secret anymore and it is a true blessing to have them in my life. Our lives took the paths they were meant to take and it's the frosting on the cake to be connected now. It is...... the gift and miracle of adoption.

 You can see why we needed to rest up after this fabulous weekend!

Stylemindchic Life Logo Heather Lindstrom

Welcome to the weekend....


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