Walking On Sunshine....

 via It took only a few moments in the sun today to remind me how essential just a few rays of pure sunshine can be.  There's alot to be said for careful, short term sunshine exposure, with appropriate sunscreen, of course (and I don't mean baby oil and tin foil tents ladies of the 70's like me-though I do miss the smell of baby oil).  Sunshine is certainly a mood booster.....and oh, how I've missed it on my back deck poolside...... it's been far too long my friend.  We went from cool to hot in Northern California today and I'm liking it.  Here's to a little sunshine in your future.  More on the benefits of sunshine here at ecosalon.
Celebrate accordingly this weekend bathing beauties!


A bit of sunny entertaining........Stylish Readers~ can't tell you how much it means to have reached over 6000 hits in less than 3 months on Stylemindchic blog. Okay, so I didn't quite make 6000 for the giveaway last weekend, but it looks like 6,197 as of today so stay tuned.  I know you are out there, and even if you don't want to admit you like a red lip or inspirational quote or a bit of whimsy here and there...I so appreciate YOU for checking back, and checking back often.  You rock!  There are some very exciting things on the horizon for Stylemindchic and I'm so happy you are here for the ride. xx, Heather