Welcome to the Weekend...A Bucket List Concert & My Favorite Small World Story (Next Chapter)

Bucket List Concert and Broadway Botanicals Blooms- pink peonies  

I'm seeing peonies everywhere this May so I had to show off this gorgeous photo from my sister, Dorie Swanson, owner of Broadway Botanicals. You will love the inspiration from her designs. #swoon

It's a busy week around our house. Are you feeling the same way too? Our May calendar always seems to be filled with end of the school year celebrations, graduations...and retirement parties. This week Scott and I are taking a short getaway and heading to a concert. He has always wanted to see Tony Bennett live, one of his bucket list items. It just so happens that Tony Bennett is doing a concert tour with Lady Gaga. I know this lady has pipes-it will be a fabulous show! Here's a sneak peek:


To finish up our little getaway we will also have the honor of celebrating the graduations of two very special young women in my life. These two met for the first time at a dinner party at my house, as babies. On the first week of high school, met each other again (with no knowledge they had ever met before). They became best friends immediately. They didn't know they had any connection until their moms figured it out at a later date.This little story didn't happen in a neighborhood, it happened over a distance of at least 80 miles and 14 years. Their moms happen to be two of my closest friends, one from childhood and one from graduate school.   Some things in life are just meant to be....

 My Small World Story

Isabel and Tess Forever Friends

The next chapter of this story is that the girls, recently graduated from High School, each accepted to the finest universities around the country, have decided to head to U.C. Berkeley together in the fall! We will be celebrating them, their dear parents and the small world stories of life on Friday night. I can hardly wait!

A Small World Story and True Blue Friends and bracelets


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Do you have a favorite 'small world story'?

I hope you are lucky to have 'true blue friends' like these two.

Welcome to the weekend!


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