Welcome to the Weekend...and a Springtime Stroll in My Neighborhood

From lazy days at the pool in Los Cabos to back to work & laundry piles, we are back into

real life pretty quickly this week.

At first it feels like...ugh (how can we?).......but we all have to get back into the groove don't we?

Besides, taxes are a must do this weekend.

Despite the glamour of travel~ truly, there is no place like home.

Come, join me....it's a gorgeous day around the neighborhood and

 our Japanese maple is in full bloom today.

We live in Canyon Oaks, a golf community (we don't golf-more pool types here) in Chico, California. It is pretty serene and peaceful up here. Our home is up on a ridge with views of the valley and the coast range. You can see for miles & miles and we are a bit spoiled with the sound of 'silence'.

(*It's funny, I've been blogging for over a year and have never posted about my neighborhood.

I guess I'm a little shy that way #keeping it real)


Our development is called Siena, with an Italianate vibe and our builder even added a bocce court and waterfall for the neighbors on the loop. Michael Galli is really thoughtful about the details. There have been a number of bubbly-enhanced bocce games at this spot.

Cheers to Michael G.!

Lupine with a view up the canyon

Here we are, back at our house.

I am so pleased that my succulents made it through a frosty winter.

(shhhhhh-they are each still in their individual containers from the nursery-

I stuck them in one time just before a party and they are still going strong #lazy but works)

Welcome to our little neck of the woods.

With the decadence of an all-inclusive vacation behind us........#pigs at the trough......

there will be some clean eating and fresh bites for us this weekend.

Spring veggies like asparagus and artichokes abound-my favorites.

I grill lemons to enhance the flavors.

This is where you will find me later today (one of my favorite places)....the kitchen.

If we are lucky we may even see some pink clouds dancing in the pool at sunset.

Thanks for stopping by my place

(and Stylemindchic).

You always make my day!



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