Welcome to the Weekend.....Easter & Bunches of Brunches!


Welcome to the Weekend!

Spring is my favorite season. Colorful, fragrant spring flowers abound and I see bright green where there was lifeless brown. Spring also brings some wonderful opportunities for gathering with family and friends. Life feels fresh and revitalized as we are waking up from our long winter's nap. This is Easter weekend and it's feeling a little 'brunch-a-licious'.  Saturday we will be hosting brunch al fresco, on our terrace by the pool, for Annika, my youngest step-daughter's 26th birthday. Fingers crossed that the weather holds up. It's set to be 72 and sunny.

Brunch style is one of my favorite types of entertaining. It tends to be a bit more breezy and casual. I go with mostly bake ahead dishes so that I can relax and enjoy my guests. I love the colorful tablescapes I can create with fresh flowers and printed linens. The birds will provide the musical entertainment. Annika has requested this egg cheese chili puff recipe that has become a family favorite during the 12 years I've been in the family :)

Green Chili Egg Puff


Sunday we will travel to my mother's home, about 1 1/2 hours away, 

for a momentous Easter gathering.

We will be meeting some new family members as there is a wedding in the planning stages

(stay tuned for more on that simply amazing story). My mom always does a lovely, elegant table and gorgeous decorations for her holiday meals. Needless to say I am looking forward to this busy, brunch-a-licious weekend.

Wishing you a gorgeous spring weekend and lovely Easter.

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