Welcome to the weekend.......{make a difference}!

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Welcome to the weekend!  I am absolutely bursting with ideas, exciting news and a zillion things on my 'to do' list. This is absolutely the perfect timing for a nice loooooong weekend in my book. This last week on Stylemindchic started with a Guest Post by Celebrity Stylist Anya Sarre Anya Sarre, a getaway weekend to the Napa Valley for a dear friend's birthday (gorgeous weather!) and my first Stylemindchic Style Session held in here in Chico last evening (look for posts coming soon).


Women~styling,  shopping, sharing, stories and a splash of champagne- all recipes for a perfect evening (cheers to that)! 

And yes, George Clooney and I did it George Clooney
Hope you did too!
As is always the case with real life, there is a balance.  As a School Psychologist I am currently involved in ongoing crisis counseling with teenagers that experienced a traumatic loss in our community. It will take time to heal the heartbreak, and they are so young to deal with such trauma .  I watched the coverage of the devastation from the hurricane on the East Coast, with  tears in my eyes. Donating to the Red Cross Here is vitally important.  We wish we could do even more...........
 As I look back on my week I'm  touched by the truth that we can make a difference in the lives of others-whether it's in supporting others in pain and loss, or  something as enjoyable as a Style Session and Thai dinner with friends in education who dedicate their lives to children.   Let's make a difference this weekend....it's a long one so we have extra time to make it happen!
Cheers to you,

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