Welcome to the weekend...{reflections}

   Christmas Flowers in Paris 2012Finally.....it's the weekend! My "cat's" away {aka Scott} for an annual trip to the beach with his buddies, so that leaves me with a nearly free weekend.  Some years, on this same weekend, I have rounded up girlfriends or made loads of plans, all "cat's away, mice will play:)" kind of fun. This year, I am simply seeking some quiet time, some 'me time' as they say, to reboot a bit. Following a stressful work week I started with a well-deserved massage last night, followed by a long soak in the tub with my favorite new bath salts brought back from London here~love the scent.  I am finding my skin to be desert dry this time of year, so I broke out my new must have from Paris~ Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil (for face, body, hair) for after the bath here.  I added some chill music in the background like this from Bliss:

My Diptyque Tubereuse (tuberose) candle here set the perfect relaxing mood......ahhhhhhhh....this is a pretty good recipe for relaxation in my book.

Some of my favorite finds from Paris

I find that if I don't take adequate time to be quiet, be grateful, listen to the silence and be reflective, I can end up feeling out of balance.......so here's to some quiet moments of re-balance and reflection this weekend.

Just one more thought.....have you ever felt that little internal nudge to do something and just did it?  A couple of weeks ago I happened across the stylish blog, Apartment 34, that I have followed for years.  Erin Heimstra is an extremely well known blogger with over 10,000 twitter followers and even more blog followers. After reading her post, about trying to beat burnout, I felt a nudge, and sent her a tweet. See her post here on how a little tweet here sent her inspiration while traveling in Mexico. I was touched to read about it in her blog. Thank you Erin!

Just a nudge, just a tweet.....we just never know how a little encouragement, a kind compliment, or a bright smile can impact someone else. I'm thinking when you feel the nudge...just do it!!

Simple reflections for the weekend.



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