Welcome to the Weekend: Sea Views and Dance

When I started my blog nearly two years ago I assumed my focus would primarily be on travel and decor. It's funny how ideas take shape and eventually find their own organic path. Though Stylemindchic has grown into more of a lifestyle blog I still love to ohhhhh and ahhh over beautiful spaces like these from Courtney Cox's lounge worthy Malibu beach pad I spotted on Elle Decor.

Courteney Cox’s Malibu Home - ELLE DECOR:

Can you imagine? Let's meet up here for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc later.

Scott and I enjoyed this same view of the pacific ocean on our recent trip to Southern California from the deck at Geoffrey's Malibu. I'll be editing those fun photos over the weekend for an upcoming post.

Golden Moments Golden Moments by heather-orr-lindstrom featuring modern home decor

Have you ever played around on polyvore? I finally had a few minutes of down time last weekend and had so much fun creating a look out of a few of my favorite things. When I finished my collage I noticed a 'publish on blogger' button. All the products and links to purchase appeared here in the push of a button.

Is it magic?? 

I can certainly see using this for fashion and interior design posts in the future.

Polyvore here.

I love hearing from my Stylemindchic readers. If you have questions or comments please email me at heatherhasit@comcast.net. I received this fun video link from my friend/reader Sally.


I would love to learn to tango. I enjoy dancing but I'm more of  a 'freestyler' (aka a lazy dancer).  Maybe someday I'll learn the steps. For now I write my own rules. It is, hands down, my favorite form of exercise. I'm trying to get back to the fun side of exercise and remembering to dance is a good option.

My new theme for 2014.....


How about you-any fun plans for the weekend?


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