Welcome to the weekend...Style It Simply!

Sunset from our deck

Our golden summer is starting to fade just a bit.......  The lazy days of summer will soon start to settle into a more structured routine with back to school and a fresh new work year for some of us with careers in education.  Swimsuits and patio dresses are being replaced by work attire and thoughts of  packing fresh, healthy lunches for the office. I'm starting to look at fall fashions and will be tackling my closet this weekend-playing the 4 D's. I'm not going to lie, a littlestructurecan be a good thing, but that alarmclockcan be brutal after a relaxing summer off.....sigh.

While we still have warmth and sunshine...let's simply make the most of the weekend.

Maybe a simple DIY? Flickering Candlelight centerpiece......recycle old wine bottles.


Simply inspire...........

with strength and flexibility.

I just ordered my first Birchbox, with samples of  luxury cosmetics and lifestyle brand samples, for only $10.00.

I promise to share more when it arrives.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo Where ever you find yourself this weekend....

wishing you... simply the best.



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