Welcome to the Weekend...Summer Bounty

In our charming university town of Chico, in Northern California, we are experiencing an abundance of luscious fruits, vegetables and gorgeous flowers. The farmers' markets are bursting with color and all sorts of  garden fresh goodness. These cheerful sunflowers are summer on a stem.............

   My husband scouted out some tuberose and surprised me with my fragrant summery favorite.

                   Yellow pear tomatoes make a delicious caprese salad

when paired with basil, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar.

My summer bounty is more than just fresh flowers and garden delights.These are a few of my summer favorites from some of my favorite people: The sunflowers from my man, Scott, sweet honey from Louise, blueberries picked by Sally at her Green Cedar Farm. They go nicely with the Sofia blanc de blanc sparkling wine from Melanie and a travel favorite from Lily, in handmade bag, Sancerre from France (You may just see more creations from Lily in the Stylemindchic Boutique in the near future!).  Sweet summer!


Other summer favorites:



My current favorite weekday breakfast. Fage Greek Yogurt (0% fat) with sea salt pistachios, juicy fresh peaches and a touch of  Louise's honey. Perfect blend of creamy, sweet, juicy, nutty with a touch of sea salt....try it.                      

   ..................and my new home office with a peaceful view.


...and a new mousepad I created on Zazzle  (love Zazzle.com-great site for personalized gifts)!

And a few finds for fall....... Trina Turk clutch and ring (on sale Banana Republic), nars polish (wow-'orgasm'-I didn't name it;), this lovely Diptyque Scented Disk (in Figuire) and a new signature fragrance, Essence by Narciso Rodriquez (I'm a bit of a fragrance freak and definitely believe in aromatherapy).


Summer has definitely held some special time for connecting with family and friends and we are definitely feeling the bounty and blessings. Despite the lovely images and upbeat perspective, don't be fooled......as with all of us, there is always the ebb and flow. Our summer has also held a month's long ant infestation, too many smoke filled days due to a local forest fire, a family health scare and too much time blogging and not enough time on yoga or pilates, among the other mundane issues of life. I just didn't think you would want to see photos of the ants taking over.

Welcome to your weekend!



Healthy breakfast: Quick, flexible options to grab at home - MayoClinic.com:

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