Welcome to the Weekend and Date Night!

  The patio at Monks Wine Bar in Chico

It's Friday and that means welcome to the weekend! It seems that October is simply flying by. I saw my first Christmas decorations out in a store yesterday and I wanted to shield my eyes. I'm not ready to even consider all that the holidays entail. I am, however, considering the weekend and there's always a good chance of 'date night'. This spot is one of favorites in Chico for a date night.

Monks Wine Lounge in Chico, California

After a busy few weeks with our careers as school psychologists, local events and family celebrations, Scott and I took time out for date night, last Saturday night. It was a warm evening and we thought patio dining would be perfect. We selected Monks Wine Lounge for the intimate and rustic feel. Scott called ahead and made a reservation, just in case our university town was hopping.

Monks Wine Lounge


Monks Wine Lounge Patio

As you can see, we beat the rush!

Monks Collage 2

 I was pleased that my husband took the time to reserve a private patio just for us (or so it seems;). It's easy to skip over date night, when life gets super busy, and I was happy that we took the time out to relax, unwind and spend some quality time catching up with each other. Somehow we just tend to 'see' each other better without the distractions of real life.

Out on the town in Chico with Stylemindchic Life

We were lucky enough to have that patio to ourselves for most of the evening. Brian and Keely Coy have created a delicious menu, paired with fine wines from around the world, at Monks Wine Lounge. I ordered the pecan encrusted chicken with roasted vegetables, my new favorite. Brian was the chef last Saturday night and all of our dishes were spot on. Thank you Brian and Keely.

Arriving at 'The Celebration' Chico

I'm still riding high from my time spent styling for, and attending, the 'Celebration' a couple of weekends ago. I am humbled by the kind words I received from the Chairman and organizers of the event. If you missed my post here, I added a link from one of the 'models'. She writes about how the experience changed her view of herself after her breast cancer diagnosis. I'm so pleased the team has requested to use my photos for the wrap party for the models. On a side note, if you are blogger, covering fund-raisers and charity events, in your home town, is a wonderful way to give back to your community, meet new people and build your local blog following. It's a win-win all the way around and it feels good.

Today I'm off for the photo shoot for my new holiday 'Ice' Collection for my here. I think the lighting is just perfect for a photo shoot.  Wish me luck! I have a huge staff of me, myself and I, so there are all kinds of management issues. Thank goodness we are all able to sit down and enjoy a glass of vino together, at the end of the day, to celebrate a new collection.

Finally, I promise I'm not delaying the post about 'How I Lost 10 Pounds in Two Weeks'. If you want to get a jump on the process get this

The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life

today. I will share my tips next week. If I can do it, you can do it!

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This has been one of those 'around the world' kind of posts but I was feeling the need to catch up with you all. I want to thank you for stopping by my Stylemindchic Lifestyle and your lovely comments. You truly make my day.

Welcome to the weekend!


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