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Sweets for the sweet at the wrap party! Last Wednesday evening I attended a wrap party for the 'Celebration' event, held earlier this month, honoring the beauty and courage of breast cancer survivors. I was invited to assist with styling, photographing and writing a blog post covering the inspiring event here. On the day of the 'Celebration' I had a ring side seat and was able to capture the glowing faces of these beautiful and courageous women (and one gentleman) and their firefighter escorts. They were dancing, strutting their stuff, 'movin to the groove', and truly celebrating their journey of life beyond breast cancer. I got the action shots to prove it!

Night Life Collage

When I published my blog post many of the models and volunteers had only seen the show from behind the scenes. I didn't realize how meaningful photographs would be, and my post was shared hundreds of times. It is gratifying knowing that my little lifestyle blog could have even a small impact on a life changing event. I felt honored to be asked if I was willing to sell my photographs, but was pleased to donate them to be shown at the wrap party on the big screen, and for the models to take home as mementos. For the wrap party I left my camera at home and viewed, first hand, a celebration of a different sort. There were no hair and makeup stands, but there were bites, sweets, clinking glasses and hugs. Watching the women (and one gentleman) view the video of their performance was beyond touching, it was awe-inspiring. There is something deeply powerful about watching the transformation of seeing themselves, beautiful and courageous, in a new light. The shining faces brought tears to many eyes that evening.

Flower Market Beauty(At the flower market)

I left the wrap party, after hugs and promises to get together soon, with a feeling of gratefulness. I was in awe of the beauty and courage of the models and the generous hearts of the volunteers, many of whom are living beyond breast cancer themselves. I felt a renewed desire to live in the moment, experience the beauty of every day and relish the little things in life. This was a profound lesson shared by these inspiring women (and one gentleman). We all have challenges, crosses to bear, unspoken heartbreak. It's a reminder to see our own courage and beauty as we look in the mirror. Rather than flaws, wrinkles, sags and bags, how about smiling at ourselves? Maybe even laughing with ourselves and feeling our good fortune to be at this place in life. We are living, and we are thriving, despite our challenges. YOU are also courage and beauty. I hope you can feel it this weekend.

 The view out my window today(from my window today #no filter)

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Welcome to the weekend......

Are you feeling your courage and beauty today?


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P.S. Not one cupcake was harmed in the writing of this blog post. Since I'm continuing on my journey with the Southbeach way of eating I'm skipping the sugar. I couldn't help but Instagram these beauties. I can look but not touch, right?

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