What Do Women Want?


 What do women want?

I'm not talking about the needs here-

those are vast and deeply individual and deserve more than a quick blog post.

I'm talking about the little things in life~

 the simplicity of a peaceful moment,

a sweet memory shared with a best friend,

the thrill of adventure,

a gorgeous scent,

an unexpected smile

......or embrace.

I've been asking myself this question recently and have come up with a few elements in my life that are not needs,

but little things that make my life more enriched.

Fresh flowers-

These little beauties (pictured above) are from my mom's garden that she arranged for Mother's Day brunch at our home last Sunday. Lovely!  Flowers bring their fresh, natural beauty (and fragrance) indoors for us to enjoy. It's always nice to receive flowers, especially for no reason (sometimes they are attached to an 'I'm sorry'-don't get me wrong that works much better than nothing).

Flowers for no special reason IS special.

Lovely ambiance-

Setting the mood at home-whether the mood is of creativity, relaxation, a party or a little romance-for me always involves a flickering, freshly scented candle. I am sensitive to some fragrances so I'm not talking about those knock you down kind of  artificial fragrance candles at the mall.

I seek mine out on travels or from favorite websites. My highly prized Diptyque Tubereuse is burning at the moment. Another favorite is Lafco in Marine from a trip to NYC last spring. I carry Dayna Decker in the boutique and the scent is lovely here.

Set the mood with a little flicker and you never know where it will take you.

A Bit of a Splurge-

whether it's sleeping in late (or staying in jammies all day), that decadent flourless chocolate cake (for one), splurging on the perfect new handbag (for which we saved up), a gorgeous, rich night cream or perfume for beauty's sake (maybe that's a need?), or a vacation away just to remember the 'why' of being a couple or why you love being single........

a bit of a splurge can go a long way.

On  my dressing table

In my travels, especially in Paris, I tend to gravitate towards the elements that make life authentic, perhaps more ambient,  in that part of the world. I find it fascinating to study what it would be like to 'live there'.

For this reason, one of my favorite places to visit in Paris is the French Pharmacie. Though not expensive, the quality, the fragrances, and the technology behind these French cosmetic brands impresses me.

My favorite purchases from my last trip to Paris were Nuxe dry oil, Nuxe lip balm, Caudalie serums, and green tea Roger & Gallet  round pastel soaps. They end up being my treasured mementos of my trip and each time I use them I remember being in Paris.  I know, sometimes it's just the little things that add a bit of pleasure to the day.  These are lovely and practical purchases I will use or give as gifts.

Back to my pondering 'what do women want?'. 


Not only do I travel, but I own an online boutique, Stylemindchic Boutiqe. I'm refining what

I want to be able to have at my fingertips in my day to day life

and what I want to be able to share with other women, like you, in the boutique.

I continue to adore my curated collections and the 2 fabulous designers I've included in the boutique,

Lilet Jean and Laurane Elisabeth.

I just realized this is my 200th blog post (wow!!)

I'm getting an idea of what I want!

Here's to beauty and getting what we want in life.

Thanks for stopping by.

You always make my day!


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